Biden Is Not a Victim of Circumstance

Biden Is Not a Victim of Circumstance

Democrats have been ignoring, dismissing, and dissembling on the inflation issue for months, but they’re fooling no one.


ith a potentially disastrous midterm looming, an effort is under way to create the impression that Joe Biden and the Democrats are merely victims of the vagaries of a tumultuous economy.

Yup. Basically the whole story: if prices don’t come down, Democrats are completely, utterly hosed, no matter what else they do or what message they choose.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) February 10, 2022

Of course, it’s true that presidents are often unduly blamed for economic events beyond their control. Then again, if you’re going to take credit for every part-time job and each fraction of a percent added to GDP growth, you’re in no position to reject blame for undesirable facets of the economy. Covid was not Donald Trump’s doing any more than the housing-market crisis of 2007 was George Bush’s. They were …

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