Did Micah Parsons hint that he hates the Pro Bowl?

Did Micah Parsons hint that he hates the Pro Bowl?

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons tweeted a cryptic message after his Pro Bowl appearance prompting fans to speculate.

The 2022 Pro Bowl was a dud as usual.

Fans weren’t impressed. Players who weren’t participating weren’t impressed. And perhaps even players who were on the field weren’t impressed either.

It all depends on how you interpret Micah Parsons’ tweet after the Pro Bowl was done.

He wasn’t exactly clear about that one. Since it came when it did, perhaps Parsons was unimpressed with the AFC taking the 41-35 victory. Maybe he wasn’t on board with the way the game was played with very little intensity.

Micah Parsons tweeted thumbs down emojis after the Pro Bowl

Before the game, Parsons talked about bringing the same level of intensity as he always brings, but it’s hard to do that when most players are interested in no more than a game of two-hand touch. Hitting wasn’t exactly encouraged on the field.

That didn’t stop the linebacker from logging eight tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a quarterback hit.

Only Parsons knows at this point if that was his motivation for posting the three thumbs down emojis.

That wasn’t even the only explanation put out on Twitter. Some wondered if Parsons was commenting on the Dolphins’ head coaching hire. Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was reportedly a finalist for the Miami job, but it went to 49ers OC Mike McDaniels.

It’s possible Parsons was disappointed Moore didn’t get the gig.

If that’s the case, those would be bittersweet emojis. On the one hand, Moore didn’t get the head coaching opportunity he wanted. On the other hand, the Cowboys appear to have made it through the NFL hiring frenzy with both of their coordinators in place. Bringing back Moore and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn should give Dallas a decent chance of making a postseason push next season

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