Do More With Your Space Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Do More With Your Space Freighter in No Man’s Sky

It hasn’t been that long since No Man’s Sky’s last update, which further expanded the game’s vast amounts of content with space piracy. Now, after six years since its initial PlayStation release, Hello Games has released its 20th major content update: Endurance. And this time, it’s added a whole lot of new options for the large capital ships many players use as mobile bases.

No Man's Sky Endurance update, player character standing near asteroid field

Endurance adds a lot to freighters, not the least of which is a way to build prefab rooms that can flesh out your ship and be further customized once built. Specialists, pilots, and other crew will also wander around freely now, making the freighter feel a bit more like a real giant spaceship. New modules are also available to facilitate the growth and manufacture of various raw materials, saving time on resource gathering.

Beyond that, it’s also now possible to go for a walk outside your freighter and create scenic viewing windows and glass hallways.

There is a very slight downside to all of this, however. Players who have already built a base on their own freighter may encounter some environmental bugs (like rooms that don’t quite line up anymore). It’s also possible that some previously-constructed items will no longer appear—in which case you’ll want to check the Freighter Customization station, as they might be buildable rooms now.

No Man’s Sky Endurance update is out now as a free download on all platforms where the game is available (and will likely be released for the Switch version when it launches this October). The same goes for the macOS and iPad versions, which are also expected to release later this year.

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