Dr. Jade Kua: An Entrepreneur and Life Coach You Can Always Count On

Dr. Jade Kua: An Entrepreneur and Life Coach You Can Always Count On

Dr Jade Kua Life CoachingDr. Jade Kua is a certified Life Coach and has been offering her services to many. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

Over the last two years, wellness has become a buzzword that creeps into everyday conversation. The pandemic has given us the time to become introspective and gather our thoughts on issues that most of us would usually brush aside — one of which is mental health.

For the longest time, mental health has taken a back seat and been treated as a topic not serious enough to be discussed openly. The approach has always been one of avoidance, like a plague. But the situation is different now, the West has led the way in its advocacy for normalising mental health issues. Various social movements have sprung up over the past year and the younger generation of advocates are seeking to initiate candid discussions about this topic.

Dr. Jade Kua, an emergency medicine specialist, has always been a strong supporter of normalising discussions around mental health. Being at the frontline, she has had firsthand experience of how someone can be severely affected by negligence to mental health. And she hopes to alleviate the stigma surrounding this pertinent issue. 

Being a daughter to a psychiatrist has set the foundation for Dr. Jade to be more open-minded when it comes to issues pertaining to mental health. But more importantly, it was her life experience that moulded her to where she is now — an advocator. 

Dr. Jade juggles with many hats: an entrepreneur, a life coach, and an author. The through-line of it all is her passion for wellness. In 2020, Straits Skincare was launched and consisted of two products, the Soothing Plantain Face Toner and a pair of hand sanitisers called “Refreshing Jasmine” and “Invigorating Ginger”.

Straits Skincare Invigorating Ginger Hand WashStraits Skincare Invigorating Ginger Hand Wash. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

Another cause that Dr. Jade is passionate about is sustainability and this increasingly important element is one of the anchor points of Straits Skincare. Customers are encouraged to partner with the brand in their efforts to reduce waste. An option such as “No Packaging” is available and interested buyers can even get reduced prices if they were to choose that option. Furthermore, customers can reuse their bottles by going back to the brand for bottle cleaning workshops. Lastly, they also use minimal packaging, including a reusable recycled canvas bag.

Flying Singapore’s flag high and proud, Straits Skincare is one of the brands that was chosen to represent our country in Paris, France, for a special retail pop-up earlier this October. The selected brands are a reflection of Singapore’s heritage and distinctive voice.

Straits Skincare Soothing Plantain Face TonerStraits Skincare Soothing Plantain Face Toner. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

“I’m excited to present Straits Skincare to the Parisians. Our brand is anchored by traditional Peranakan heritage secrets yet developed and perfected through science,” says Dr Jade. “The juxtaposition of roots and wings, medical discipline and artisanal flair, history, and modernity resonates both in Singapore and Paris.”

Apart from her venture into skincare, Dr. Jade is also a certified Life Coach with her own private practice. She works with teams to improve their performances as well as individual clients who want to work on their interpersonal relationships or just themselves. This was a timely endeavour as many are experiencing a state of languishing — the feeling of “blah” from living under the shadow of Covid-19.

Dr Jade Kua Online CoachingDr Jade Kua conducting a coaching session via Zoom, which is a norm now as the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of many traditional services. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

The spate of incidents that have occurred in Singapore, for example, the tragedy that happened in River Valley High School, sparked a greater sense of urgency with regards to mental health. Immediately after the event, Dr. Jade felt that it was important for people to have an avenue where they could seek help, so she started doing pro bono coaching services online through her social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. 

She feels that offering pro bono services is the best way to reach out to those who need help and it is the most effective way. “When help is rendered in a meaningful way, people definitely respond a lot better,” she says. 

Juggling so many responsibilities like Dr. Jade is not an easy feat and it takes someone with exceptional time management skills to carefully plan for everything. But this skill comes naturally for her, as is proven by her successes outside her medical practice. A peek into her life through her Instagram stories, you would be surprised as to how active she is. No doubt an inspiration for many, Dr. Jade is a mentor and friend that will always have your back when you are in need.

In the month of December, Dr. Jade will be launching the hardcover copies of her wellness book, “Good Night Marion”. The book explores themes that are sometimes difficult to approach and grasp such as hope and fear. The purpose is the encourage mindful conversations between parents and their children — but the book could also be a talking point for adults too. Along with the launch of the book, a set of family pyjamas will be available for purchase as well.

Good Night pyjamasDr. Jade Kua’s children wearing the Good Night pyjamas. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

Sweet Dreams pyjamasDr. Jade Kua’s son wearing the Sweet Dreams pyjamas. Image: Dr. Jade Kua

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