Even Panthers QB hates Matt Rhule’s 2-QB system

Even Panthers QB hates Matt Rhule’s 2-QB system

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule appears committed to a two-quarterback system with Cam Newton and P.J. Walker but even one of them doesn’t like the move.

Since losing Sam Darnold and after Cam Newton‘s flash in the pan in his first game back with the Carolina Panthers, head coach Matt Rhule got into the Grinchy spirit of Christmas with a wonderful, awful (emphasis on the awful) idea.

Over the past couple of games, fans have seen Carolina work with a two-quarterback rotation between Newton and P.J. Walker. The results have been less than stellar, albeit without Christian McCaffrey, as the offense has continued to look pretty stagnant and unfortunate.

Most fans and analysts watching are quick to blame the two-quarterback system itself for the struggles. And apparently, Walker is also in the camp that thinks that the rotation might be doing more harm than good when it comes ot the signal-callers.

Panthers’ P.J. Walker says 2-QB system can hurt offense

The old adage, of course, is that if you have two quarterbacks, you actually have none. But while that implies that neither player is good enough to take the reins, which is indeed a problem, Walker does also have a valid point.

For any player in most sports — but quarterback in particular — it’s hard to imagine that a player is ever going to be both confident and comfortable when lining up when he doesn’t know when his teammate is going to replace him on the field.

What is clear, however, is that the Panthers continue to have questions at the position. Darnold is clearly not the answer and, with Rhule instituting the current system, it’s obvious he doesn’t believe either of those players is either.

How they plan to remedy that moving forward will be key but, if Walker has his say, keeping with the two-quarterback system won’t be the fix Carolina is looking for.



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