Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

There are 30 stadiums across the NFL. Which ones are bucket list trips, and which ones shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves stadiums?

Football is theater, and the stadium is their stage. There are a lot of really fantastic venues around the NFL, and there are a lot of basic nothing stadiums as well. Today, we take a look at every NFL stadium and rank them from worst to best.

What team has the best stadium in the NFL?

30. Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Dolphins)

Oh, I hate this one. Apparently, so do Dolphins fans because none of them show up on Sundays to watch that poor excuse of a team play. It’s hard to believe that fans aren’t rolling in to watch Tua Tagovailoa throw three yard out routes to Devante Parker every Sunday.

Miami mockery aside, this stadium is a toilet souffle. It’s basically just a shoe box with the lid taken off of it. There’s nothing that catches the eye about the architecture. Actually, I lied- what in the world is the roof of this stadium?

It just looks like a bunch of scaffolding making its way around the top interior of the stadium. Not to mention the fact that around 2:45 each Sunday, the sun shines directly in the eyes of the team going toward the west end like God himself is trying to rip out their corneas.

It’s just an all-around ugly stadium that hosts a mediocre team who hasn’t won anything of note since it opened in 1987. Easily the worst stadium in the NFL in terms of design and because the team it hosts never plays meaningful games inside of it.

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