Fans are blaming Shailene Woodley for Aaron Rodgers vaccine debacle

Fans are blaming Shailene Woodley for Aaron Rodgers vaccine debacle

Sports fans on Twitter discuss whether or not Aaron Rodgers’ fiancee, actress Shailene Woodley, has influenced Rodgers’ perspective on the COVID vaccine. 

When NFL teams or players face problems, it’s not uncommon for fans to do their own sleuthing to determine the real root of the problem.

For some, that means blaming football-related decisions on a player’s family member, like how Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother and fiancee have been repeatedly blamed as the source of the Chiefs’ problems.

Aside from public statements directly from the player, it’s never perfectly clear what personal factors in their lives might influence their decision-making. But when it comes to Aaron Rodgers’ bombshell revelations from his interview with The Pat McAfee Show, everyone seems to think that his fiancee, actress Shailene Woodley, has something to do with it.

Woodley is a passionate environmental activist, aligning herself with Greenpeace to save the world’s oceans and with Indigenous activists to protect water rights in Wisconsin.

As noble as her endeavors to protect the environment may be, Woodley has still been subject to criticism for some of her personal views on health and well-being, such as eating clay and drinking spring water.

Because Woodley apparently “makes her own medicines”, people are not surprised that her fiancee is adamantly refusing the COVID vaccine.

Danica nor Olivia Munn would ever rope Aaron Rodgers into buying into an “alternative treatment” for COVID. This smells 100% of Shailene Woodley

— Trysta Krick🐺 (@Trysta_Krick) November 4, 2021

I don’t understand how Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID when Shailene Woodley’s homemade vaccine was guaranteed to be effective

— Max Singer (@maxwellsing) November 3, 2021

what is especially gross about aaron rodgers is that he and shailene woodley (who likely is unvaxxed as well) went on vacation in hawaii this past spring when people there were LITERALLY begging tourists to not visit. absolutely disgusting people

— Sarah Hagi (@KindaHagi) November 3, 2021

Another bread crumb as to why Rodgers might be unvaccinated? He and Woodley are friends with actor Miles Teller, whose COVId contraction while unvaccinated halted the shoot of  “The Offer”, a Paramount+ show based on “The Godfather.”

Although not everyone blames Woodley for influencing Rodgers’ beliefs, their “jock bf/granola gf” coupling is still a cause for controversy.

not going to blame shailene woodley for this aaron rodgers thing but i will say “jock bf/granola gf” has probably the most stupidity potential of any heterosexual pairing

— Brandy Jensen (@BrandyLJensen) November 5, 2021

[int. dining room table of Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers]

Shailene pours her morning bowl of clay. Aaron is adding his horse paste to his corn flakes.

“Can you believe what the woke mob is saying about us? These ppl are crazy” Aaron says as he poops into a hay bale

— Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) November 5, 2021

So, Dr. Aaron Rodgers consulted his esteemed colleagues Dr. Shailene Woodley, Dr. Joe Rogan and Dr. Facebook? Went to the same medical school as this guy:

— Between the Stacks, MLIS (@btwnthestacks) November 5, 2021

As FanSided’s Gabrielle Starr points out, Woodley and Rodgers have now combined to make “the world’s most insufferable, misinformation-spreading couple.”

I always found Shailene Woodley’s hippie, anti-medicine bullshit to be extremely weird and offputting.

Now she and Aaron Rodgers have combined to make the world’s most insufferable, misinformation-spreading couple.

— Gabrielle (@gfstarr1) November 5, 2021

Whatever Woodley’s own personal views are, others reiterate that Rodgers is more than capable of making health decisions for himself, regardless of who his partner is and what she believes.

Blaming Shailene Woodley for Aaron Rodgers’ choices is a weirdo misogynistic move by the way. Don’t do that. I know GB fans have been trying to pin Packer problems on his significant others for years now, but Rodgers is a big boy who makes his own decisions.

— Ti Windisch (@TiWindisch) November 3, 2021

I’d like to think Packers fans are smarter than blaming Shailene Woodley for Aaron Rodgers being unvaccinated. Yeah, she believes some real bonkers, hippy-dippy shit, but he’s a 38-year-old man. His bad decisions are his own, and no one else’s.

Be angry, but be angry at HIM.

— βɛth (@feverspell) November 3, 2021

While Woodley’s activism has certainly inspired Rodgers to care for the environment, such as urging President Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline, the downside is that she may have potentially influenced an aversion to institutionalized medicine, which would include the COVID vaccine.

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