Florida message boards are convinced Urban Meyer will replace Dan Mullen

Florida message boards are convinced Urban Meyer will replace Dan Mullen

Some Florida football fans are actually saying they want Urban Meyer to leave the Jacksonville Jaguars during his first season leading the team to replace Dan Mullen in Gainesville.

Dan Mullen is 4-4 on the year, and some Florida football fans believe he should be replaced by Urban Meyer.

Meyer won a pair of national titles in Gainesville, but that was well over a decade ago. He is in his first year leading the rebuilding Jacksonville Jaguars. While they are among the worst teams in the NFL, Meyer is not bailing on the Khan Family like Bobby Petrino did to Arthur Blank for an SEC job in 2007. Still, some fans are sitting, waiting, wishing Meyer will come back home to The Swamp.

Though most programs would not touch Meyer with a 10-foot pole, a few message board posters want to give him a blank check to right the ship in Gainesville immediately.

Dan Mullen press conference today: Will Urban Meyer leave Jaguars for Florida?

As much as some delusional Gators fans want Meyer, it would be career suicide for him to willingly leave Jacksonville after only one season. He will never get another opportunity to coach in the NFL again if he bails on the Jaguars, Petrino style. Though there are no doubts that he could win big again in Florida, reaching into one’s past is almost never the answer to having future success.

Will Florida fire Mullen, though? Potentially, but who are they going to replace him with? In all likelihood, Mullen would leave Gainesville for an NFL job well before he gets fired. Florida did win the SEC East only a year ago. Though he is an excellent on-field tactician and developer of talent, his lack of recruiting prowess will eventually be his undoing at Florida. He has to adapt fast or else.

Florida fans should be thankful message boards are not what dictates the team’s course of action.

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