Garmin’s Best Accessories

Garmin’s Best Accessories

Garmin's Best Accessories


Garmin is known for its specialized, feature-packed wearables. With the right Garmin accessories, you can get even more out of your device.

Garmin’s Best Accessories

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Garmin’s Best Accessories
Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or just trying to keep fit, Garmin has plenty of watches to offer. Garmin also sells a variety of premium accessories to pair with your device. From heart rate tracking to alternative fitness trackers, the list below has tools that provide athletes with additional data, deeper insights, and more options.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Perfect your running form to improve your performance. The lightweight Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is not a simple pedometer but simply attaches to the waist to measure stride length, cadence, contact time with the ground and balance, vertical oscillation, and vertical relationship. Together, these measurements can help you understand your shape and improve your performance. Because the device uses torso movement to collect specific data points, it provides different metrics than Garmin’s race-oriented watches, making it a great addition. Serious runners can learn more about their measurable dynamic parameters and help them improve pace and efficiency. The price is typically around $ 100.

Garmin HRMSwim – Garmin’s best accessory for swimmers

The HRMSwim chest strap swaps advanced running metrics for a swim-oriented design. Wear it when marking laps and your data will automatically sync with your compatible watch when you step out of the water. Note that no device is completely water-resistant, but most Garmin watches are water-resistant to 5 ATMs. This strap is the cheapest of the three, priced at around $ 75.

Bike Mount Kit

If you like to spin, this Garmin bike mount is one of the best accessories on this list. Quickly and easily attaches to the handles of your road bike or ergometer with standard flanges to keep your stats under control, and it’s convenient to replace the zip ties if you want to switch the mount from one bike to another. Most importantly, it has an exceptionally high rating on Amazon and is only $ 14.The holder is compatible with most Garmin watches. For a complete list of compatible devices, see the Garmin website.

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