Georgia football played a hysterical April Fool’s Day joke on Dawgs fans

As is a yearly tradition, April Fool’s Day creates for chaos in the sports world. From David Njoku “demanding a trade” off the Cleveland Browns to Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James announcing he was done for the season to Julian Edelman “announcing” he was signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was just pure hijinks on Friday.

The Georgia Football social media team decided to join in on the fun and that was by showing a picture of a “broken” National Championship trophy to scare Bulldogs fans across the world.

Georgia football social media department scares Bulldogs fans with April Fool’s Day joke

In the SEC Championship Game, the Bulldogs, who were undefeated at the time, lost 42-21 to the Crimson Tide. But Georgia got their revenge in the biggest game of the year. Down 9-6 at halftime to Alabama, Georgia bounced back in the second half with 27 points, 20 of them scored in the fourth quarter, to win 33-18.

April Fool’s Day, as said earlier, is just chaos, especially in the sports world.

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