Google Pixel 6a is available 2022 for just $199

Google Pixel 6a is available 2022 for just $199

We thought yesterday’s Google Pixel 6a deal was great, but this one is just crazy, as you can now purchase Google’s latest smartphone for as low as $199 on one of America’s most popular retailers.

Google’s most affordable version of the Pixel 6 series has just become even less expensive, as you can currently get your hands on a new device for just $199.

This offer will get you up to $250 savings, but there’s a catch. To take advantage of this insane deal, you must activate service on this unlocked phone with Verizon, T‑Mobile, Google Fi, AT&T, and Sprint.

The best savings come from AT&T and T-Mobile, where you can purchase your new device starting at $199. Verizon’s option will have you paying $249 for your new device, while Spring and Google Fi will help you get your new phone for $299, which translates to $150 savings.

The Google Pixel 6a comes with 128GB storage space, 6GB RAM, Google’s Tensor Chip, insane battery life that will keep you going for up to 24 hours, and a 12MP camera that will deliver some of the best shots available on a mid-ranger.

And the best part is that you also get to enjoy features found on the base model and the Pixel 6 Pro, as the Pixel 6a also comes with Face Unblur, Real Tone, Magic Eraser, and other neat tricks.

Of course, you can also choose to activate your device later, which will still get you a $50 discount. This deal matches Amazon’s current price tag, making it an exciting option for those who want a new Pixel 6a.

However, we must remind you that the best deal available on a new Pixel device comes with the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which sells for $649 after scoring a 28 percent discount.

This model comes with the same 128GB storage option and Google’s Tensor chip, but it packs a better camera solution, a larger display, and 12GB RAM.

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