Granblue Fantasy FES 2021 Live Stream Time & Relink News Schedule

Granblue Fantasy FES 2021 Live Stream Time & Relink News Schedule

Cygames is holding this weekend of December 11-12, 2021, the usual yearly Granblue FES (festival) event, which will most notably reveal news and development updates on Granblue Fantasy Relink and Versus.

Cygames is already a huge part of the mobile market with Granblue Fantasy, but this year was particularly amazing for the company thanks to the launch of Uma Musume. Mixing idol and horse racing elements. Proposing cute & interesting characters. And delivering a raising simulator that’s so much fun it feels like you’re on the PSP. All of this in 2021 when the genre has mostly disappeared, so many in Japan regardless of age or gender were craving for it, bringing Uma Musume to the top spot of mobile games in Japan ahead of FGO, Genshin, or Granblue.

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Sonic Frontiers | Announcement Trailer



Sonic Frontiers | Announcement Trailer





Granblue Fantasy, which celebrated its 7th anniversary in 2021, is now having its biggest event, as we await the release of its console action RPG, Granblue Fantasy Relink. The game currently has a 2022 release date estimate, so Cygames might announce a Granblue Fantasy Relink release date at the event. For more development details, check the comments from the producers at the 2020 Granblue FES.

Granblue FES 2021 global schedule

December 11 – Day 1

The first day of Granblue FES 2021 will start at 10:45 PM EST / 7:45 PM PST / 03:45 AM GMT. Click here for other time zones and a countdown. This day will focus on looking back on Granblue so far, with numerous seiyuu as guests and various corners.

As usual, Kato Emiri will most notably be on stream all event so it’s a must watch if you’re also a fan of her thanks to her performance voicing Ayase Naru, one of the protagonists of Pretty Rhythm and Pretty Series, the best anime series of the last decade.

Granblue FES 2021 Day 1 on YouTube

Granblue FES 2021 day 2 will start at 11:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM PST / 04:00 AM GMT. The first corner of day 2 will feature several seiyuu, including Nakamura Yuuichi and Kato Emiri. In other words, two of the three legendary FFXI otaku seiyuu trio will be on stream. With only the great Asakawa Yuu missing. It’ll still be a sight to behold.

Anyway, the reason why most of you clicked on this article is how FES Day 2 will also feature a corner for Granblue Fantasy Relink and Versus news. This will be starting at midnight PST, 3 AM EST, and 8 AM GMT. Click here for a table with other time zones and a countdown.

Granblue FES 2021 Day 2 on YouTube

The full schedule is on the Granblue FES official site.

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