Green Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Green Bathroom Cleaning Tips

So many of our customers prefer ecological cleaners, and we understand why. We like eco-friendly cleaners for daily cleaning because they are gentler on the skin and lungs, without more conventional products’ harsh odours and chemicals. Sometimes, however, green outcomes don’t work that well. Especially in the bathroom, you want to know that you clean thoroughly and get rid of germs. So, we’ve compiled this helpful list of some of our favourite eco-cleaning tips to keep your bathroom clean, green and healthy. Most of these tips can be done with simple household items — the big three are vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap.

Preventive support natural cleaning of washbasin and shower channels

Support cleaning is your closest companion as a general rule, however, particularly regarding green washroom cleaning. Pour a cup of baking soft drink one time per week, then, at that point, a cup of vinegar down the channel. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then, at that point, flush the drain with hot (ideally near bubbling) water.

Green process of cleaning the walls of the bathtub and shower

Sprinkling the entire shower head with vinegar and leaving it on can help remove stubborn stains, soap scum, and dirt.

Fibreglass: Clean with a dish cleanser glue and baking pop, cleaning with a wipe.

Porcelain: To eliminate stains from porcelain utilizing just green items, give sprinkling lemon squeeze a shot and afterwards sprinkling alum powder. Back rub into the stain and leave it on short-term. The next day, add somewhat more lemon squeeze and focus on the stains.

Non-slip strips and applications: Apply baking soft drinks to wet or sodden applications. Leave it on for 15–20 minutes, then, at that point, scour and wash.

Marble / Stone Showers: Many homeowners choose natural stone or marble in their bathrooms for their appearance. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaners before applying anything to a marble or stone shower. These materials can be etched or coloured with certain acidic or basic compounds — even completely natural ones! Even water can eventually rub and dissolve marble and other raw materials. We like to use mild green dish soap on marble for green bathroom cleaning as it is gentle and pH neutral.

Bonus tip: If you take a lot of baths, adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the tub can prevent a ring from forming around the tub.

Green Grout Cleaning Solutions

Baking soda is the next step to lightening the dirty bathroom grout. Make a paste of baking soda and dishwasher soap and massage into the grout. Then it is enough to rinse it. Our technicians love toothbrush scrub brushes for detailed jobs like grout and rings around drains.

Week by week process for latrines

Pour a large portion of a cup of vinegar into the lavatory and put it away for 30 minutes. Sprinkle baking soft drink over the latrine brush and afterwards scour the latrine.

Allow the experts to help you!

Allow us to perfect basic cleaning to help you! We at “Bond Cleaning Brisbane”, unequivocally have faith in utilizing the best instruments for each task (which means we sometimes take out the important stuff when the circumstance calls for it!). In any case, our standard cleaning process is eco-accommodating predominantly. Moreover, we proposition elite green cleaning administrations for our clients who favour them — at no additional expense!

Some Other Bathroom Cleaning Tricks

● Wiping surfaces: Surfaces are the first place where germs attack, so brush them regularly. They can cover anything which falls, like soaps, hair, toothpaste and more. Simply spraying the anti-infection sprays can help you with that. Spraying the surfaces with any good spray and wiping it completely is enough to clean the washroom surfaces.

● Cleaning Toilets: Cleaning toilets is the minor favourable cleaning job of the house, but it is the most important one too as it could be a house of diseases if not treated regularly. So it is of utmost importance to clean the toilet at least two times a week. In the following part of the article, there are many toilet cleaning related tips that will surely help you minimize the pain of toilet cleaning.

● Scrubbing: Washroom tiles can turn mouldy very quickly and could be very tough to clean. Scrubbing your washroom once a week could help you with that. There are many ways to cleanse your bathroom, like using scrubbing pads for the floor and tile brushes for washing the tiles; you can also use old toothbrushes to clean small corners of the washroom.

● Shower Curtains: While Cleaning your bathroom or toilets, one thing is very often overlooked: the shower curtains. It is probably the least washed item, but that is not healthy and hygienic, so once every 15 days, you should remove the shower curtains and wash them.

● Showerhead: You should remove your showerhead once every month, and with an old toothbrush, clean it thoroughly. You can also use some natural cleaning solutions to clean it. To unclog all the water spraying holes, you can use needles.

● Sinks: Want to keep your sinks clean? It is necessary to wash them regularly using a cloth. It would help if you rinsed the sink properly and then dry it using a material to get the best results. By this process, your sink will never be dirty and remain dirt-free.

Toilet cleaning is explicitly one of the most dreadful tasks that are procrastinated chiefly, but it is a must-do task to keep it hygienic and free of harmful germs. So here are some specific Toilet cleaning tips which might help you keep your toilet in a sparkling situation.

● Regular Toilet Cleaning tasks: Before cleaning your toilet, do not forget to wear gloves and have all the necessary ingredients like the toilet cleaners and disinfectant spray.

● Take the toilet bowl cleaner, apply it on the rim, and rest for 10-12 minutes. Take the toilet brush and scrub it everywhere in the bowl and under the rim.

● Till the bowl is soaking the toilet cleaner, take the disinfectant spray and apply it to the outside surfaces of the toilet, scrub it and rinse it with water (preferably hot).

● Vinegar and Baking soda: Vinegar and baking soda can make your toilet sparkling by the following method

■ Put some vinegar in the toilet bowl and leave it for twenty minutes

■ Put some baking soda on the brush and scrub the bowl thoroughly

■ Flush the toilet, and it is done.

● Borax and Lemon Juice: Making a borax and lemon juice solution can help you clean your bathroom too. Here are some basic steps to clean your toilet using the ingredients above:

■ Mix a cup of borax with half a cup of lemon juice and make a paste of it

■ Put this paste in the bathroom using a sponge

■ Leave for a couple of hours, and you are good to go

● Borax and Vinegar: Borax with vinegar is another cleaning alternative to chemical cleaners. Here are the steps to clean the toilet with borax and vinegar

■ Sprinkle borax over the toilet

■ Pour vinegar over the sprinkled borax

■ Scrub the mixture and leave it an ideal overnight

■ You will have a gloomy bathroom the following day

These are some efficient ways to keep your bathroom clean. Although cleaning toilets could be depressing, it is necessary, and doing it regularly to make it less of a hustle. However, if it is perfect always to clean your toilets and break the monotony, you could approach professional help or professional cleaners that can help you.

Professional cleaners are trained cleaners equipped with specialist tools, including tools that are not readily available at our house. They know how to solve any cleaning problems. So whenever you feel like going for professional help, you can try it out to get the best results of toilet cleaning and freshness, which you would love while using the toilet. Do not forget to check the authenticity of the cleaners you hire.

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