Here’s How to Become a Fire and Life Safety Guard

Here’s How to Become a Fire and Life Safety Guard

When it comes to safety and rescue jobs, one of the most popular professions that you can get into is becoming a fire and life safety guard. What would you do in this type of job? A fire and life safety guard is the one that helps in saving lives and preventing damage in properties by keeping buildings of all types from fire. This job normally involves the management of fire and safety activities for any type of building, such as fire drills, maintenance of safety equipment, and evacuation planning and process.


If you want to become part of the fire and life safety field, you need to learn more about the requirements to become a Fire and Life Safety Guard with all the capacities and skills needed to fulfill the job, as well as to determine whether or not this kind of job is suitable for you. Keep on reading to know what it takes to be a legitimate fire and life safety guard.


What Is A Fire And Life Safety Guard?


By general definition, a fire and life safety guard is the one that makes sure that a certain building has all the needed precautions on fire safety, as well as emergency plans and equipment in good working environment. This kind of job is needed in various buildings and businesses like hotels, companies, and buildings that are high in occupancy.


What Does A Fire And Life Safety Guard Do?


Before you get to become a fire and life safety guard yourself, you need to know the responsibilities that you will, which include the following listed below. Fire and safety guards will make the evacuation plans and lead fire drills so that the people in a building will always be ready for emergencies.


Becoming A Life Safety Guard


In order to become a qualified and competent fire and life safety guard, you need to make sure that you have followed the step properly to get into the profession, which is listed below.


The first step is that you need to meet the requirements provided to become a legitimate fire and safety guard. Most areas require the person to be at least 18-21 years of age and have at least a high school education, whether it be with a diploma or a GED. In other areas, having some experience is another requirement, with the length of such varying depending on the area that requires it.


After that, the second step that you need to follow is that you have to complete the required training on fire safety. Each city or state varies in terms of providing training programs for fire safety, so you need to search for the training program in your place, and make sure that it is the one that is compatible with the requirements of the fire and life safety job that you are applying for.


Fire and life safety training programs usually offer lessons and training on the different aspects of fire and life safety. Other training activities are not related to fires, such as medical emergency training and active shooting lessons. These will help you prepare in every aspect of the fire and life safety job you are applying for, so make sure that the training program you’ll apply to offers all of these.


The third step that you need to follow to become a legitimate fire and life safety guard is for you to become certified. This can be achieved after your training program once you were able to complete all the additional exams, which usually consists of questions concerning fire and life safety protocols as well as other related questions on fire safety, such as using the different equipment, and the right way to respond to various situations.


Once completed and passed, you will be available to get the certification for the job, which will be valid for several years. If you want to renew the said certification, you are required to have some local experience and some professional education related to fire and life safety.


Lastly, you have to find job openings that offer the position of fire and life safety guard. In order to increase your chances to find a good job, it is highly recommended that you look for jobs in high-occupancy areas and buildings. Some examples include hotels, apartments, hospitals, which are all in great need of fire and life safety guards.


Other than the building and businesses mentioned above, you can also look for work in security services firms, which usually provide safety and security services for any type of establishment. No matter how big or small a city you may be in, all the high-occupancy areas and buildings have special regulations on fire and life safety, which require the work of a capable fire and life safety professional.

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