How do you get ashy toner out of hair?

How do you get ashy toner out of hair?

With the trend of social media and Instagram-worthy looks, individuals love colouring their hair with different shades. Among the trends, cool tones like ashy blonde have gained quite a preference.

These shades make the wearer look chic and classy. Individuals can try different looks and braids on the ashy-toned hair. However, colouring the hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One has to go through multiple steps to get that desired tone.

For instance, some use dark ash toner to remove the messy orange and yellow brassy tones. The success rate is quite low, and the results can be pretty messy.

However, every problem requires a smart solution. Keep reading this article to learn the unique ways to remove ash toner from hair efficiently.

What is ash toner?

It is imperative to understand the purpose of ash toner before applying methods to remove it. Toner is a specialised hair product that chemically tones down hair shades.

The product works efficiently on bleached hair with yellow, orange, and brassy shades. Ashy toner neutralises the shades and moisturises the tresses to avoid unwanted fallout. Ideally, ash toner has a bluish-greyish tone applied to the hair with a brush.

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However, the process isn’t complex, as one can follow DIY steps to neutralise the unwanted hair colour. It is always preferable to take professional help to avoid hair damage.

Scientifically, using too much product can give unwanted results. An individual may face issues when removing the ash toner, or the hair may look excess ashier.

Let’s check how to remove ash toner from hair with simple methods.

How to remove excess ash toner from hair?

Clarifying shampoo

Individuals use dark ash toner to lighten the brassy tones in blonde hair. However, the success rate is minimal, leading to an imperfect hair tone. Moreover, the tresses look too ashy when additional toner is applied.

A smart solution can be investing in a clarifying shampoo with acetic and citric acid. Individuals should opt for a reputed brand when purchasing shampoo. These products are stronger and more effective than regular shampoos.

Using a clarifying shampoo will help effectively remove toner from hair due to its colour stripping qualities.

Hydrogen peroxide

Individuals can use hydrogen peroxide to lighten their grey and dark ash toner from blonde tresses.

However, they should avoid using the chemical directly to the hair. The best way to apply hydrogen peroxide is by mixing it with baking soda. They should avoid using their hands for application and mixing.

Keep the paste for 10-15 minutes and wash it with warm water for good results. It is advisable to keep a tab over the hair to observe changes.

Lemon juice

One can use natural products such as lemon juice or bay leaves for hair tone lightening. Ideally, lemon juice has citric acid, which removes ash toner from the hair and cleanses the scalp simultaneously.

Individuals should mix lemon juice with a conditioner of their choice and apply it to their hair lengths. Using a mild conditioner will protect the bleached blonde hair from chemicals and lock the moisture in the strands.

However, one must know that the mixture tends to bleach the hair. It is advisable to take an expert opinion before applying the mixture.

Bleach wash

Individuals can also use a volume developer, bleach powder, and clarifying shampoo in a 1:1:1 ratio to remove the ashy toner. It is preferable to apply the concoction with a hair dye brush in a downward motion to the dry hair.

Individuals can wash the mixture with sulfate and silicone-free shampoo to get the best results. Using a chemical-free conditioner will help lock the moisture and avoid brittleness.

These are some simple techniques to remove ash toner from the hair. However, one must understand that using a mild and premium toner wouldn’t harm the tresses.

It is always beneficial to look for ash toners and hair products with limited chemicals. Taking advice from hair experts or professionals would streamline the entire process.

However, if the result isn’t satisfying, one can follow this article to find solutions to remove excess ash toner from hair.

Here’s cheering for a gorgeous hair look!

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