How to Find Guest Post Sites? – Beginners Guide

How to Find Guest Post Sites? – Beginners Guide

Content marketing has seen a revolution in the digital industry in recent years. Currently, content marketers have got several digital tactics available for developing good content. So for the content to be viewed by the audience, it is important to build a solid content marketing plan. 

With the growth of social media and content creators, developing fresh content and thus marketing is easily accessible. With the help of guest blogging, marketers can become successful in digital marketing.

In simple terms, guest posting is writing and posting content in articles for other blogs. Also, you can use it for getting a high SEO rank as it enables the addition of backlinks in the article. The more backlinks a website has, the higher the rank assigned by Google on the search results page.

How to Find Guest Post Sites?

1. Check the Quality of Guest Post Sites

While looking up at the guest posting sites, it is important to evaluate and check the quality and see if the site is good or not a good choice for posting. The best guest blogging sites should have that: target a demographics group audience which you are trying to reach, publish good quality content, allows you to add a backlink, a huge and an engaged audience, a high domain authority which shows that the site will be shown on the top in the search results, content with topics that are from your niche. 

2. Set Filters and Use Advanced Search Operators

For finding sites that are looking for guest writers, set filters like partners, index, and resources; we will use keywords related to guest posting. Given below is a list of keywords that can be used in the filter and advanced search operators:

guest post
“write for us” + “keyword” 
submit an article 
contribute an article/post/guest post 
guest contributor 
submit blog post 
add blog post 
add article 
guest bloggers wanted
guest post guidelines
write for us
become a contributor
become an author
become guest writer

3. Look upon the Internet

While searching for guest post sites, the best thing is to look upon the internet. Search on the internet. For instance, if you are a food blogger, search for food blogs accepting guest posts. Almost certainly, on the result page, many articles will show up that have a list of websites and are accepting guest posts. Scan the complete list and see which website is the best for guest posting.

After finding one:

Visit that website and check out their write for us page.
Check if they are welcoming guest posts and what their guidelines are.
Check on Twitter if you’re looking for top-notch guest posting sites as it offers the best results.

4. Communicate with other Bloggers

One good way to find a guest post site is to communicate with other bloggers in your niche. While starting, it is important to communicate with other bloggers and develop business relationships. It can help you grow your social media account, drive traffic, and open new horizons.

Also, blogging communities love to help each other out, so it is best to build relationships with other bloggers right away. To build relationships with bloggers, you can connect with them on social media, share their content, read their content, and leave a comment on their blog posts.

5. Become a Part of Blogging Communities

For finding guest post websites, consider becoming a part of blogging communities. There are various blogging communities present on Facebook. Over there, you will find groups from your niche who are searching for guest post submissions. Also, you might find groups and blogs that are doing collaboration posts. These posts might have a lower word count than guest posts (approximately 200-300 words), and they showcase the work of various bloggers on the same blog post.

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The Bottom Line

So, to wrap up How to Find Guest Post Sites, I hope that this article was helpful to you. While searching the guest blogging opportunities will allow you to reach your target audience, get domain authority, and drive organic traffic to the site, building important connections is not a simple task, although required. Finding which are the best sites for your guest posts will allow you to land some good guest blogging opportunities.

If you want to write guest posts, check out The Thought Tree’s website, as they invite writers from diverse professional backgrounds and qualifications to work with us on our blog page. The Thought Tree (T3) is a coaching institute and an educational establishment. The goal is to offer information tips for competitive exams and to share didactic content with our audience. The blog is mainly focused on IAS, RAS, and various other competitive exam coachings, Content Writing, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Finance and Stock Market, Digital Marketing.

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