How to get free fries for National French Fry Day 2022

How to get free fries for National French Fry Day 2022

All that’s standing between you and free fries this week is a little time and a digital device.

On Wednesday, July 13, the nation will once again celebrate what should be a federal holiday but surely is not: National French Fry Day. To commemorate the unofficial potato stick jamboree, two of America’s fast-food giants are celebrating the holiday in style by offering a marching band of french fries, free of charge

First up is McDonald’s, who will give away free orders of large fries across the States. The fries, however, can only be ordered through the McDonald’s app, and customers must be members of the chain’s loyalty program in order to enjoy the deal.

To incentivize folks who may not want an additional app on their phone, if you sign up for the McDonald’s app, you can also get a free 10-piece McNugget order, which may mean all that stands between you and a full McDonald’s meal on Wednesday is the cost of a fountain soda.

In the land of redheaded food franchises, Wendy’s is extending the day of deep-fried tasty tubers into a week-long celebration of fries it’s named Fry Week. From July 11 to 15, the chain is offering free fries with purchases that will change each day of the week. This means on Tuesday, customers can get free medium fries if they also order a salad, on Friday any order of fries will net customers a free medium fry, etc. Like McDonald’s, in order to score any free fries, users must use Wendy’s mobile app to score the freebie.

Wendy’s unveiled a new formulation for its fries in restaurants across the nation in September of 2021, now guaranteeing they taste the same level of freshness whether you eat them in-restaurant, in the car during your drive home or, if you’re very patient, in your house.

Wendy’s and McDonald’s aren’t the only providers of those golden starch rods o’ joy to participate in National French Fry Day, either, although other restaurants aren’t celebrating in a traditional fashion.

Burger King is celebrating national French Friday by giving you a free order of Chicken Fries, its dish of chicken nugget-like fry-shaped white meat chicken strips coated in a crispy breading, if you order through its mobile app. This change of pace could also be because Burger King has already been offering free fries every week of 2022 through its Frequent Fry’er program.

Drive-in chain Sonic is also joining in on the french-fry fun on with its offer of free medium tots or fries with any in-app purchase on July 13.

Additionally, Hardee’s customers who make an in-app purchase and belong to its My Rewards program will receive a complimentary small order of Natural-Cut French Fries with any purchase that includes fries. The fry-yay fun can continue all year, as folks can redeem one time per day beginning July 14 through the end of 2022. That’s a lot of fries!

Smaller restaurant chains like Fatburger, Elevation Burger and Charleys also are offering their own free sides of fries, although for each of those deals, you have to purchase an item off of their menus, meaning that this holiday week, there’s a little bit of potatoey goodness for everybody

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