Is Nick Sirianni trying to make Jalen Hurts look bad?

Is Nick Sirianni trying to make Jalen Hurts look bad?


Nick Sirianni created one awful game plan to make Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts look terrible on Monday Night Football.

Even though the Philadelphia Eagles are not very good, head coach Nick Sirianni needs to do a better job of putting his starting quarterback Jalen Hurts in a position to succeed.

For as good as the Birds looked against the Dirty Birds in Week 1, they looked just as bad vs. America’s Team on Monday Night Football. The Dallas Cowboys shellacked Philadelphia to the tune of 41-21. While Hurts did throw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, he also had two brutal interceptions. Even more so, Sirianni refused to use motion all night to help Hurts out.

Not a single time did the Birds use motion at the snap when Hurts was under center. Unbelievable.

Nick Sirianni went through the motions by not putting the Eagles in motion

Though Hurts is only a fringe starting quarterback at this point of his career, he did win a national championship at Alabama, was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in his lone year at Oklahoma and was a second-round pick by the Eagles. He has talent, but an offensive-minded head coach needs to do a better job of propping up his young quarterback than what we saw.

Motion is fancy window dressing, but a lack thereof leaves an inexperienced quarterback exposed.

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