It has no value Mirza Fakhrul

It has no value Mirza Fakhrul

The Cabinet Division has issued a notification to form an inquiry committee to form a new Election Commission (EC). BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir termed the inquiry committee as meaningless and said, “It has no value.

The BNP secretary general said, ‘There is nothing new to say about this. We think the inquiry committee, the election commission — everything is under the government. We have no interest in these. It is nothing but cheating with the people.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam further said, “It is important for the people, not the Election Commission, to have a neutral government during the elections. Because, as it turns out, there has been no free, fair and credible election under this government. So at the moment we have no interest in the inquiry committee, the election commission.

Earlier in the day, BNP standing committee member Iqbal Hasan Mahmud gave a separate response to reporters about the search committee in front of the BNP chairperson’s office in Gulshan. He said, ‘The search committee is not an issue for us. We are not interested to know who is there, who is not, who stayed, who did not stay. ‘

Asked about the BNP’s position on the announced inquiry committee, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud said, “Our party’s position is very clear. We think that no election will be fair under this government. Now, whether it is the search committee or whatever, and whatever the election commission is, if there is this government, we will not go to any election. As a result, I do not want to comment on this.

The Awami League is calling the announced inquiry committee neutral, in response to a question on how the BNP views the issue, the BNP leader said, ‘This government says a lot. He also said about the previous commission that everyone is a neutral, objective person. The election commission we got later seems to be the worst election commission in Bangladesh.

The Cabinet Division has issued a notification to the inquiry committee headed by Justice Obaidul Hasan (President) to form a new Election Commission on Saturday noon. The other five members of the inquiry committee are High Court Justice SM Quddus Zaman nominated by the Chief Justice, Auditor General and Comptroller Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury (ex officio), Chairman of the Public Service Commission Sohrab Hossain (ex officio) and two prominent citizens nominated by the President, former Election Commissioner Muhammad Sohul Hossain. And fiction professor Anwara Syed Haque. The Cabinet Division will provide secretarial assistance to the committee.

In the nomination of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners, Justice Obaidul Hasan has vowed to perform his duties in accordance with the law and the constitution. An inquiry committee has been formed with the names of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners as the chairman of the Appellate Division. President. After the approval of Abdul Hamid, the Cabinet Division has issued a notification in this regard today.

In a response after becoming the chairman of the inquiry committee, Justice Obaidul Hasan told Prothom Alo: I will sit in a meeting with other members of the committee soon. It could be Sunday afternoon or Monday. He hoped that the new election commission formed on the recommendation of the inquiry committee would be impartial and acceptable.

According to the law, there is an opportunity to call names from political parties and organizations. Asked whether names would be sought from political parties and organizations, Justice Obaidul Hasan said, “We have to decide the modus operandi first.” It is not a matter of a single decision.

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