Jerry Jones dropped a huge hint about Cowboys trade deadline plans

Jerry Jones dropped a huge hint about Cowboys trade deadline plans

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is setting the tone ahead of what could be a wild NFL trade deadline. 

One of the biggest questions entering the NFL season was whether or not the Dallas Cowboys would be able to wash the sour taste of last year out of their mouth.

Specifically, would fans be given a product that was worthy of their support or would this be another lost year in the league’s most laughably bad division?

As it turns out, the Cowboys are good. What a surprise given the fact that franchise quarterback Dak Prescott is healthy and making a difference. Outside of a Week 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — a game the Cowboys nearly won — Dallas has yet to lose another game this season.

Whether it was a comeback win against the Chargers or overtime heroics to win on the road in New England, there’s something different about this Cowboys team that has not only washed the stink of last year off but is setting hopes high once again.

Dallas being in a position to truly become a Super Bowl force in the second half of the season has fans wondering if the team will make a move before the upcoming NFL traded deadline.

NFL Rumors: Cowboys trade deadline plans (mostly) revealed

Owner Jerry Jones spoke with 105.3 The Fan, detailing to Shan and RJ what that the Cowboys plans for the trade deadline are.

“Open for business year round,” Jones said. “… I think we’ve got a unique situation because we’ve got players coming that we’re going to have to have roster spot room for. So, we’re busy.”

That’s not a guarantee that a move will happen, but it’s a clear indication that Dallas knows its championship window has opened back up. Jones, who has made morbid comments about not having a lot of time left to see a Super Bowl return to Dallas, likely won’t be afraid to wheel-and-deal if it means further solidifying a roster that has outperformed national expectations before even the halfway point of the season has been reached.

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