Jerry Jones issues stern warning to Eagles after Nick Sirianni rocks anti-Cowboys shirt

Jerry Jones issues stern warning to Eagles after Nick Sirianni rocks anti-Cowboys shirt

Philadelphia Eagles’ coach Nick Sirianni is all-in and ready for his first game against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. 

After being hired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in January, Nick Sirianni is ready for his first matchup against NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys. It’ll be a memorable experience for Sirianni on Monday Night Football at A&T Stadium.

Sirianni has had past stops with the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers (now known as the Los Angeles Chargers) and most recently the Indianapolis Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles’ coach Nick Sirianni wears ‘Beat Dallas’ t-shirt

Philadelphia sports fans have one thing for sure – passion. Eagles’ fans must’ve loved to see Nick Sirianni rock a ‘Beat Dallas’ t-shirt during a press conference ahead of the Week 3 showdown.

After starting out the season 1-1, Sirianni is ready to march into Texas and leave with a win. With the Cowboys missing a number of players on defense, the Eagles will have an even better shot at doing that.

Philadelphia fans are quick to jump to the defense of a player or coach, but they’re also quick to boo those same people.

Dallas’ owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones got wind of Sirianni’s choice of attire. He said:

“Make no mistake about it. That inspires their fan base. It probably inspires their players. There’s no rougher place to play in the whole country than Philadelphia. No question, they’re a great rival.”

Jones is right. Not that Eagles’ fans need to be inspired or anything, but Sirianni’s shirt has at least landed him on their good side. For now.

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