Joe Buck roasted himself before the fans had a chance to do it

Joe Buck roasted himself before the fans had a chance to do it

Joe Buck, FOX. (Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports)

Joe Buck, FOX. (Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports)

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NFL announcer Joe Buck caught himself before he jinxed Seattle Seahawks kicker Jason Meyers on a field goal attempt.

With a chance to go up a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams before the half, the Seattle Seahawks had a 35-yard field goal to hit. Jason Meyers, a Pro Bowl kicker in 2018, who had made 39 straight kicks inside the 40, should have had an easy one to make.

On the call was FOX announcer Joe Buck who was seconds away from mentioning Meyer’s recent success rate from inside the 40-yard line, but caught himself just in time for Seattle’s kicker to miss the attempt.

Buck caught himself before he mentioned the stat, preventing himself from possibly jinxing the kick. In doing so, he hoped he could avoid getting clowned by fans — he was hilariously mistaken.

How did fans respond to Joe Buck’s non-jinx:

Joe Buck has become self-aware. Skynet can’t be far behind.

— Dextrosity (@thedextrosity) October 8, 2021

That was so good by Joe Buck to say I waited until after he missed to say he didn’t jinx him

— Ryan Wing (@RyanWingFOX11) October 8, 2021

Joe Buck was so excited for the no “announcer jinx”

That just made my day. Joe was fired up about that. #LARvsSEA

— Owen (@Alakazam_428) October 8, 2021

As much as I roll eyes at Joe @Buck, I appreciate he didn’t jinx the kicker. Then he mentions you can’t blame the announcer because he didnt say anything, even after the spotter probably radioed it up. That was really cool.
Then Aikman crapped all over.

— waitucanreadthis? (@edwelty) October 8, 2021

Buck has had some hilarious jinxing moments in times past, including mentioning Baltimore’s Justin Tucker’s 70-straight makes from inside the 40. Tucker had a 36-yarder to hit against the in a 2020 game against the Cowboys but flanked it.

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