‘Last Labyrinth’ Studio Reveals Action-adventure ‘The Tale of Onogoro’ for Quest

‘Last Labyrinth’ Studio Reveals Action-adventure ‘The Tale of Onogoro’ for Quest

Amata, the studio behind VR escape room title Last Labyrinth (2019), announced a new action-adventure game for the Quest platform called The Tale of Onogoro.

Lead by producer and director Hiromichi Takahashi, The Tale of Onogoro (オノゴロ物語) is said to combine traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements, letting you solve puzzles and battle giant ‘Kami’ beasts with Japanese high priestess Haru.

Players wield ‘Celestial Weapons’ to help Haru deactivate the Divine Boundaries and quell the Kami.

Image courtesy Amata

The Tale of Onogoro is said to arrive on the Meta Quest platform sometime in Spring 2022, priced at $30.

The studio hasn’t mentioned other platforms besides Quest. In its original teaser trailer back in January it was said The Tale of Onogoro was simply coming to VR. Now the studio’s official trailer has been bookended with Meta logos, which points to timed platform exclusivity.

Back in 2019, Last Labryinth simultaneously released on Quest, SteamVR and PSVR. It’s clear Amata has the know-how to navigate the quirks of developing for all major VR platforms, so it may only be a matter of time before we learn about other platform releases.

You can find out more about The Tale of Onogoro on the official website.

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