Like humans, dinosaurs suffer from colds and coughs

Like humans, dinosaurs suffer from colds and coughs

There is no end to the interest of scientists in dinosaurs millions of years ago. Dinosaurs have become extinct on Earth, but research on the animal has not been completed. New information has come to the fore in that series. Scientists say that dinosaurs used to get colds and coughs just like humans. According to a study published in Reuters’
scientific journal Scientific Reports, scientists have found a dinosaur fossil of the Jurassic age in the US state of Montana about 150 million years ago. This dinosaur with long neck and huge body is being called ‘Dolly’.
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Examination of Dolly’s fossils revealed symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, diarrhea and shortness of breath. At one stage it also affected the bones. The dinosaur is thought to have died as a result.
Scientists studying Dolly’s fossils say the dinosaur was found to be suffering from a fungal infection. It is very similar to Aspergillosis infection in the lungs. Nowadays this infection is seen in the body of birds and reptiles. Aspergillosis infections are often fatal. Many times it also affects the bones.

Lawrence Whitmer is one of the authors of the study published in Scientific Reports. He said Dolly’s body had similar symptoms to respiratory infections.

Although the lung infections of dinosaurs are new, scientists believe that they are infected with the same diseases as other animals. However, since fossils do not contain soft tissues other than bones, teeth, and nails, there is little evidence to support this notion.

Even then, scientists have found that dinosaurs suffer from physical complications such as broken bones, dental problems, blood-borne infections, arthritis and even bone cancer.

Although the Dolly Saropod is a dinosaur, its species is not yet known. Sauropod dinosaurs were herbivores. The dinosaurs, with their long necks, huge tails, short heads and four legs, were the largest creatures on Earth at that time.

Dolly was about 60 feet tall, said Carrie Woodruff, director of paleontology at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Montana. Weight between 4 thousand to 5 thousand kg. Dolly was between 15 and 20 years old at the time of her death.

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