Listen to Kirk Cousins-Mike Zimmer shoving match mic’d up (Video)

Listen to Kirk Cousins-Mike Zimmer shoving match mic’d up (Video)

Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer’s shoving match on the Vikings sideline doesn’t get any less weird hearing the quarterback mic’d up for the moment.

While you’d think the Minnesota Vikings kicking a game-winning field goal would be enough of a story, quarterback Kirk Cousins and head coach Mike Zimmer actually jumped into the limelight in the Week 5 victory as the two got into what appeared to be a heated shoving match.

After the game, Zimmer spoke on the matter but didn’t offer much clarification other than saying that the quarterback gave his trademark “You like that!” exclamation before shoving the head coach, who then shoved him back. Okay, sure — but things still looked pretty awkward and heated.

But if you were thinking that a mic’d up video of the affair would offer anything to make it any less weird than it was in the moment, you’d be wrong:

Honestly, that only makes the whole ordeal even stranger.

The Kirk Cousins-Mike Zimmer shoving match continues to be a great mystery of our time.

From the way Cousins reacted after completing the drive to get into field goal range and then for the Vikings to secure the win, his side of the matter actually looks pretty normal. He’s fired up for his team and for himself in leading Minnesota down the field.

Zimmer, on the other hand, looks legitimately ticked off that he’s getting shoved and his retaliation does not seem all that friendly.

We’re not going to read too much into the matter because, well, Zimmer isn’t often a ray of sunshine to begin with, so maybe he’s being truthful in saying that everything is good. Still, that doesn’t make the incident look (and now sound) any less weird than it already did to begin with.

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