Love Island USA: Justine Ndiba Updates Fans On Her COVID-19 Recovery

Love Island USA: Justine Ndiba Updates Fans On Her COVID-19 Recovery

Justine Ndiba updates Love Island USA fans about her COVID-19 recovery. The season 2 winner caught the Omicron variant but is keeping fans up-to-date.

Love Island USA season 2 winner Justine Ndiba has taken to social media to update her fans about her ongoing COVID-19 recovery. Reality TV viewers got to know Justine on Love Island USA as a 27-year-old billing coordinator and go-go dancer from Rockaway, New Jersey. During her tricky first week on the show, Justine coupled up with Jeremiah White and quickly realized that they were nothing but friends. She then re-coupled with Tre Forte, but there was also nothing romantic between them.

On day five, Caleb Corprew came into the Love Island villa as a 24-year-old IT sales consultant from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Almost immediately, Justine and Caleb found amazing chemistry between them and coupled up together on the show. They stayed together until the very end, getting to the finale with BFFs Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks. Ultimately, Justine and Caleb won Love Island USA but broke up just a few months after the season ended.


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This week, Justine revealed on Instagram that she tested positive for the coronavirus variant Omicron. Now, she has also taken some time to update fans on her ongoing recovery. As seen in the screenshots below, Justine shared that sleep has been an essential part of her recovery thus far. “Hate being this unproductive and stagnant but it’s needed,” she wrote. Then, Justine talked about how helpful tea and juices have been while feeling ill, calling them her “saving grace.” In a subsequent Instagram Story, Justine clarified that she has gotten the booster but still obtained COVID-19. “My immune system really out here embarrassing me,” the islander added.

Justine Ndiba from Love Island USA season 2 shares COVID-19 recovery via Instagram Story part 1

In one of Justine’s last Instagram Stories, she asked fans for Netflix suggestions, explaining that she has already gone through basically everything in the streaming service’s catalog. “Please drop Netflix recommendations for all of us suffering lol,” she wrote. Justine appears to be experiencing a few mild symptoms of COVID-19, but she seems to be doing well enough to answer fan questions on Instagram and even inject some sense of humor in her posts. Hopefully, Justine will beat this right away so that she can get back to her stunning modeling pictures and exciting dancing videos.

Needless to say, Love Island USA fans are wishing Justine a speedy recovery. Despite more than a year having passed since her season ended, Justine is still one of the most beloved islanders to ever appear in the series. Hopefully, this Love Island USA queen will update her followers with much better news some time soon.

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Source: Justine Ndiba/Instagram

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