Luxury Lounge Radio — 11th Anniversary of Being on the Edge of Luxury Music

Luxury Lounge Radio — 11th Anniversary of Being on the Edge of Luxury Music

Luxury Lounge RadioImage: Luxury Lounge Radio

Have you ever thought about how music is able to create your mood, guide you to the right path of inner calmness and outer success?

The creators of Luxury Lounge Radio are confident that music is the key to oneself, which will help open unknown parts of consciousness, bringing new colours to life.

Luxury Lounge RadioImage: Luxury Lounge Radio

Exactly 11 years have passed since Luxury Lounge Radio has started broadcasting music, which can become a part of life and can change the feeling of everything around. The Luxury Lounge Radio has undergone 4 global transformations, and in honour of the new 11th anniversary of “being on the air” Luxury Lounge Radio is launching a new version with a new interface and new music collection for its listeners.

“We started broadcasting even before the Internet become as fast as it is now, when many new web technologies were just incipient, and lounge music was already far ahead,” says the creator of the Luxury Lounge Radio, Mr. Gleb D. “After 2012, all lounge music became less light, less perceptible if compared, for example, with 2004 or 2005 years. In our musical policy, we adhere to a more classical approach, perhaps a little retrospective, airing only the music that is really capable of creating an atmosphere of the day, an atmosphere of lightness that each listener will feel in his imagination.”

Luxury Lounge RadioImage: Luxury Lounge RadioLuxury Lounge RadioImage: Luxury Lounge Radio

“Based on the example of my personal life story, it can be clearly stated that faith in what you hear and in what you feel can change your whole life. Music was a kind of key to inner strength, to the long forgotten past and all the previous experiences. The world is so arranged that any progress is possible only with mutual development, so bringing such instruments was my firm choice to share with other people a special world, which can become the basis for new achievements in everyone’s life,” continues Gleb D. “Since the music of this genre is quite rare and not so popular, when you hear a familiar composition in a public place, this is a special feeling, a special trigger. For me, such events mean only one thing — I am on the right path, with the right mix of previous, future and inner spirit to complete my life’s mission.”

Luxury Lounge RadioImage: Luxury Lounge Radio

The entire broadcast collection of music is years of diligent searches, events and travels around the world, which has turned into one big whole. Now Luxury Lounge Radio has two channels with different algorithms for playing music, and it’s accessible for mobile devices, computers and audio systems connected to the Internet.

Broadcasting music genres include: Lounge, Chill-Out and Chill-House.

To start your journey into the world of luxury lounge music with Luxury Lounge Radio, click here.

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