Madeleine Albright had a lot to say about Putin — and she didn’t mince words

Madeleine Albright had a lot to say about Putin — and she didn’t mince words

When Madeleine Albright met Russian President Vladimir Putin more than 20 years ago as the U.S. secretary of state, she said he was trying to ingratiate himself to then-President Clinton — but Putin also “had a view of how things were going to go.”

Albright, the first woman to become U.S. secretary of state, has died at the age of 84, according to her family.

She served as secretary of state from 1997 to 2001 during the Clinton administration. Clinton appointed her ambassador to the United Nations by Clinton 1993.

Albright spoke with NPR last June ahead of a meeting in Geneva between Russian and U.S. leaders.

He was “trying very hard to ingratiate himself with President Clinton,” she said during an interview on All Things Considered.

Albright said Putin isn’t “easy to manage,” despite meeting four U.S. presidents since his first introduction with Clinton.

“I think he is somebody that is very competent in his capabilities generally.

“But Russia is alone. And we have allies, and Putin is alone,” she added.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing for a month, resulting in nearly 5,000 civilian causalities across the country, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of State.

Russian forces have hit spaces where Ukrainian civilians are present, such as schools, shopping centers, hospitals and apartment buildings.

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