Maison 21G Home Scent Collection: Mark of Bespoke Luxury

Maison 21G Home Scent Collection: Mark of Bespoke Luxury

Maison 21G Home Scent RangeImage: Maison 21G

The word “home” evokes different meanings for different people and this multi-faceted concept has undergone a transformation over the past two years. It would be an understatement to say that the pandemic has altered the way we interact with our homes. As we are spending more time in it, creating a conducive environment becomes paramount. 

Even before the pandemic Johanna Monange, founder of Maison 21G, had already envisioned a suite of bespoke home fragrances that could not only serve as elegant ornaments but also luxurious scent emitters. Using sustainably sourced ingredients, with no harmful chemicals such as phthalates or CMR, Maison 21G products represent the best of haute perfumery.

Johanna Monange, Founder of Maison 21GImage: Maison 21GJohanna Monange, Founder of Maison 21GImage: Maison 21G

At the heart of this line of home scent products is the Half-Moon Dual Candle. A signature of the collection, this beautifully designed home scent object will definitely elevate the aesthetics of any living space. Why is it called “Half-Moon Dual Candle”? That’s because there are two parts to this creation, like two half-moons that can be put together to create a full moon. 

Maison 21G Half-Moon Dual CandlesImage: Maison 21GMaison 21G Half-Moon Dual CandlesImage: Maison 21G

This is where the ingenuity of the founder comes through. The current market for scented candles is mostly singular scent but Maison 21G has chosen to introduce personalisation. This allows for two different scents to permeate the air — blending and layering to give off an impression of a sensual dance. Johanna describes this commingling as “sensory bliss” and you can enjoy this from the 12 exquisite natural scents available. 

If you aren’t ready to commit to the full-sized Half-Moon Dual Candle, Maison 21G has also the bespoke Mini Candles selection. The inspiration for this collection comes from a famous Parisian pâtisserie house, Ladurée and its eclectic range of macarons. Johanna wants to recreate the pleasant and personalised experience of choosing your favourite sweet treats from Ladureé with Maison 21G products. Thus, customers and pick and choose scents that appeal to them and try them at home. 

half-mmon dual candles and mini candlesImage: Maison 21GMaison 21G Mini CandlesImage: Maison 21GMaison 21G Mini CandlesImage: Maison 21GMaison 21G Mini CandlesImage: Maison 21G

Sustainability is a big guiding principle for Maison 21G and the brand is determined to make the world of perfumery greener, cleaner and more eco-conscious. Besides ensuring that ingredients are sourced in accordance with the strictest standards, the health of its users is also important. Another differentiating factor of Maison 21G candles is the exclusion of palm oil and mineral wax.

These harmful materials are typically used in candle making, even for the most esteemed luxury brands in the market. Hence, transparency is another factor that sets Maison 21G products from its competitors — customers can enquire about the ingredient list and Johanna even encourages this culture of transparency.

One of the hallmarks of an excellent brand is innovation, and Maison 21G has never rested on its laurels when it comes to enhancing a customer’s shopping experience. Complementing the bespoke home scent collection, the brand has also debuted its own scent objects: Luciole Oil Burner and Reed Diffuser.

Maison 21G ​​LucioleImage: Maison 21GMaison 21G LucioleLuciole Oil Burner. Image: Maison 21GMaison 21G Reed DiffuserReed Diffuser. Image: Maison 21G

Each of the scent objects calls to mind the glamour of Paris that Johanna is fond of. The Luciole is an oil burner made of brass, wood and glass and when used it glows ever so brightly and can elevate the ambience of any room. Lastly, the Reed Diffuser is a mark of true customisation as customers can pick and choose their ideal scent combinations from the brand’s 35 haute couture perfume essences. A truly bespoke experience awaits you at Maison 21G.

For more information about Maison 21G, head over to You can also visit the Maison 21G Flagship Store at 77 Duxton Road and its boutiques at Marina Bay Sands, L1-32, Central-Orange Zone and Takashimaya #B1-31A.

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