Manjeri’s hubby Katongole reveals why he dumped pastor

Manjeri’s hubby Katongole reveals why he dumped pastor

This is why heartbroken Pastor Irene Manjeri lost her husband.

Sources close to Victor Katongole say the couple has been separated for the last 13 years.

Victor ran to US after falling out with the Bethel Healing Centre pastor who he accuses of abuse and maltreatment.

Sources say Victor suffered at the hands of Manjeri who he accuses of keeping guns at home which she used to threaten him.

The war of words between the couple have seen Manjeri curse Katongole, and accusing him of having three women.

A Katongole friend told Watchdog that she used to make him feel small, and less of a man until he managed to get away from their relationship.

Between Manjeri and Katongole is a pair of twins, although each of them had other children from other relationships.

Katongole is even surprised Manjeri talking about his wasting her time when she had children before he met her.

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