Matthew Judon wants mac and cheese off the Thanksgiving table

Matthew Judon wants mac and cheese off the Thanksgiving table

Answering one of the most popular questions surrounding Thanksgiving Day, Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon stood out with a hot take on a classic dish. 

In his first year with New England, Matthew Judon has become an instant icon on Bill Belichick’s defense.

Judon has trademarked his sacks with distinctive red sleeves, and he is working on legally trademarking his celebration. He threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game in September, and Kyle Van Noy applauded him after their dominating Thursday Night Football win over the Falcons.

Judon is beloved in Boston, but sharing his truth on his least-favorite Thanksgiving side caused a stir days before Thanksgiving.

A reporter asked Judon the one side he has to have at Thanksgiving, to which Judon replied with the one dish he avoids at all costs.

Matthew Judon was asked what one side dish he has to have on Thanksgiving … and he provided a passionate answer on what he NEVER wants to see on the table.

— Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) November 23, 2021

“I’m not even going to answer your question,” Judon said spiritedly. “I’m going to tell you: We got to get macaroni and cheese off the table… It’s just cheese and noodles. It’s not that good.”

Matthew Judon hates seeing mac and cheese at Thanksgiving

Calling it “one of the most overrated dishes,” Judon launched into a campaign attacking the popular Thanksgiving side.

Judon delved into how his siblings adore it, and his mom cooks it in a big pan for everyone, but Judon remains unimpressed. He’s tried it on several occasions, but despite changing tastebuds, he still considers it “disgusting.”

Judon also makes the point that mac and cheese frequently causes indigestion for many due to the heavy dairy involved in the dish, pleading that avoiding mac and cheese would mean “the bathrooms would be less busy and everyone would have a better day.”

If someone does put mac and cheese on Judon’s plate, it’s an affront to his humanity.

In that case, Judon would “have to fight everybody in the house one by one” as he waits for them to “eat their macaroni and cheese, get sluggish, and then whoop them.”

Judon’s lively sense of humor displayed in the press conference adds a breath of fresh air to often-reserved Patriots pressers, but maybe something is in the autumn air. Bill Belichick told reporters he piles on the potatoes during the holiday, while Judon professed his love for Thanksgiving dressing during his macaroni-inspired rant. Also, Mac Jones apparently hates apple pie.

Mac Jones hates apple pie. Matt Judon hates mac and cheese. The Patriots are coming unglued.

— Jeff Howe (@jeffphowe) November 23, 2021

The liveliness could also be the Patriots defense coming together in the recent stretch of the season, with New England on a five-game win streak. Van Noy and Judon applauded one another after their most recent game, displaying an exuberance of a defense confident in their play.

The only thing Judon is more confident about than his play? Mac and cheese doesn’t deserve a seat at the Thanksgiving table.


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