Mayor Ivy takes charge, ‘some councilors angry’ on first day

Mayor Ivy takes charge, ‘some councilors angry’ on first day

Narayanganj City Corporation Mayor Dr. officially elected in the third phase of the mayor’s chair. Selina Hayat Ivy.

After taking oath on February 9, he sat in the temporary mayor’s office on the eighth floor of the city building under construction in Nitaiganj at 12:15 pm on Sunday.

Meanwhile, it has been customary for all elected councilors to be officially informed on the day when the mayor takes office, but this year it has been deviated from.
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Allegedly, most of the councilors, except for a few close to Mayor Ivy, were not informed of the event.

Out of 36 councilors of the city corporation, only 13 were present on the occasion. Although some of them were not informed by the city corporation, they admitted that they appeared there voluntarily. As a result, most councilors have expressed frustration over the issue.

However, Nasik’s chief executive officer (CEO) Abul Amin has given a ridiculous explanation for not informing the councilors.

He claims that due to Corona, the organization has been limited. However, hundreds of people, including City Corporation contractors, were present at Mayor Ivy’s inauguration.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, Mayor Ivy left his Deobhog home and visited his parents’ grave at Masdai Central Cemetery. When he reached Nagar Bhaban by car, he was greeted with flowers by the officials and employees of the city corporation including the ward councilor.

Dr. sat in the mayor’s chair and spoke to the media again. Selina Hayat Ivy. He said, “I have tried to run this city in the way that people want by giving priority to the common people.” With the past councils we have worked according to the needs of the people. For the next five years, we will work according to the needs of the common people. The people of Narayanganj have voted for us with high hopes and aspirations. We will work for all those who voted for us and those who did not.

He further said that this time I will work in this city corporation as above all things like in the past. I will call on my council to work for the welfare of the people. There can be no factionalism, manipulation, extortion. I will work here the way I have worked for 18 years. I hope you will cooperate with me. The townspeople will cooperate.

Councilor Maksudul Alam Khandaker Khorshed, Shawkat Hashem, Afzal Hossain, Kamrul Hasan Munna, women councilor Ayesha Akter Dina and several others have confirmed that nothing was reported from the city corporation about the event.

No one has commented on the matter. However, some people have expressed their displeasure, saying that there were less people there despite the plea of ​​Corona! 36 councilors could not be present in accordance with the rules of health! I saw more than 20 contractors at the event.

In this regard, the chief executive of Nasik Abul Amin said, this time the event has been limited due to Corona. The mayor’s room is also a temporary room. This time the program of coming to the city building by walking with the city dwellers to reduce the crowd has been canceled.

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