Mean Joe Greene has a stern message for Chase Claypool, and he should listen

Mean Joe Greene has a stern message for Chase Claypool, and he should listen

Legendary Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean” Joe Greene spoke about the sadness he felt when watching Chase Claypool play in recent Steelers loss.

Steelers Nation is anxious for the black and gold to turn things around this year, especially since there’s still a slim chance of making playoffs.

No one is more anxious than former Steelers players who are heartbroken by their current demise — and no one is more passionate about the Steelers than Mean Joe Greene.

“In all the years that I’ve been watching my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the black and gold, Thursday night, that first half, was probably the saddest day I’ve had in all my years playing and all of my years since my retirement of watching the Steelers play,” Greene said. “That was a poor, poor example of the black and gold.”

Greene went on to say that the Steelers “disappointed” him, sharing the message he would have shared with Chase Claypool had he been his teammate on the field.

“Hey man, I thought you were more educated — didn’t you go to Notre Dame?” Greene said. “Why are you playing this game: for you to show your butt, or to win the game?”

Greene mentioned how the clock stops for receptions in college football, joking that perhaps Claypool had a flashback to his time at Notre Dame.

“Very immature,” Greene concluded.


Steelers legend Mean Joe Greene on how watching Chase Claypool makes him sad

Greene isn’t the only prominent Steeler to express disappointment in the team’s lackluster performance this season. Last week, former Steelers safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark denounced the team on ESPN. “They’re not my beloved Steelers anymore,” Clark said.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger refused to publicly comment on Claypool’s costly mistake at first, later saying that he spoke with him after the game about the celebration.

“It’s not really my job,” Roethlisberger said, via Brooke Pryor of “To me, that goes up to Coach Tomlin. That’s what he needs to do. That’s his job as the head coach. As the quarterback, it’s my job to help manage what we do on the field. Dealing with player issues . . . that’s the coach’s job, not mine.”

Roethlisberger later stated that the Steelers “need” Chase Claypool — and for retired players like Greene, they certainly need the best out of Claypool.

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