Mike McCarthy motivated the Cowboys in the strangest way possible

Mike McCarthy motivated the Cowboys in the strangest way possible

Last season, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy smashed watermelons to motivate his team. This year, he resorted to a much stranger approach.

Things got quite ugly for the Dallas Cowboys as they rode high into a Week 9 matchup against the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, they came out of that game with a sour taste in their mouths as head coach Mike McCarthy’s team got thoroughly taken to task.

Needing to light a fire under his team, a group that looks to have serious Super Bowl aspirations this year, McCarthy resorted to some pretty unconventional tactics to do so behind closed doors.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, McCarthy had members of the team staff hand out Monkey Butt, an anti-chaffing powder, to the players in the locker room:

Mike McCarthy used Monkey Butt to motivate Cowboys after Broncos loss

If you’re wondering why McCarthy would be handing out Monkey Butt to the Dallas Cowboys, you’re probably not alone.

The reasoning was, as Pelissero reported, McCarthy dubbed the week as R.A.W., or Red A** Week, after the way Dallas got their butts kicked against the Broncos. Thus, the anti-chaffing powder was a metaphor for what the Cowboys needed to get over their tough loss and move forward.

This isn’t the first time the head coach has resorted to odd measures to try and motivate his team. Amid the struggles in Big D last season, McCarthy tried to fire the team up by smashing watermelons during a team meeting.

Regardless of how silly his antics are, the Monkey Butt may have worked as the Cowboys bounced back in a monster way to rout the Falcons, 43-3, on Sunday in Week 10, putting them at an impressive 7-2 on the season.

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