Mike Tirico’s umbrella for Sunday Night Football is made for a literal giant (Photo)

Mike Tirico’s umbrella for Sunday Night Football is made for a literal giant (Photo)

Announcer Mike Tirico. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Announcer Mike Tirico. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and Robert Kraft share emotional moment in return to New England (Video) by Jordanna Clark

The lead up to Sunday Night Football between the Bucs and Patriots was all about Tom Brady’s return to New England until Mike Tirico’s umbrella showed up.

The biggest story in the NFL this week was Tom Brady’s first game at Gillette Stadium since leaving for Tampa Bay.

It was an emotional moment for the quarterback, the Patriots franchise and fans in New England after two decades of great memories. But it wasn’t the only thing to catch the attention of NFL fans.

We have just one question. What’s going on with Mike Tirico’s umbrella?

Mike Tirico’s umbrella stole the show on Sunday Night Football

Because of rain in Foxborough, the NBC broadcast crew did their analysis with umbrellas but Tirico’s looked comically large compared to the rest.

It was everywhere too.

Mike Tirico is that one friend who always has an umbrella with them and whips it out the second anyone in the group feels a raindrop so they can show off how prepared they are pic.twitter.com/UJqbnnOYnO

— 🦴J-Bone🦴 (@JaredBorislow) October 3, 2021

To be fair, if Drew Brees and Tony Dungy had equal-sized umbrellas they all wouldn’t have fit on screen.

While the folks on Twitter were pondering the sheer size of the umbrella, others were wondering about Rodney Harrison.

No word on the size of Harrison’s umbrella, but he definitely wasn’t the one holding it. That’s the life.

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