Mike Zimmer reveals why he and Kirk Cousins got in a sideline shoving match

Mike Zimmer reveals why he and Kirk Cousins got in a sideline shoving match

The Minnesota Vikings had a brief shoving match that featured their head coach, Mike Zimmer, and starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins, during their win Sunday.

As the Minnesota Vikings were securing a 19-17 win against the Detroit Lions, Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins initiated a confusing and bizarre shoving match with Mike Zimmer. The two ended up shoving each other for a few seconds and then were separated.

In a tweet, Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press relayed that Cousins brought up his infamous “You Like That” catchphrase and then followed that up by shoving his coach, who then in turn shoved his quarterback.

It was weird.

But, as it turns out, Minnesota Vikings fans shouldn’t be worried about this encounter between the head coach and quarterback one bit.

While it was bizarre to everyone on the outside looking in, apparently there are no hard feelings here. According to Tomasson, Zimmer said he enjoyed Cousins displaying emotion during their win over the Lions on Sunday.

#Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said he liked the way that Kirk Cousins showed emotion with him yesterday. “He came over and said, “You Like That” and shoved me and I shoved him back.” Zimmer said “it’s all good.”

— Chris Tomasson (@christomasson) October 11, 2021

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was a fan of how Kirk Cousins was displaying emotion Sunday

While there was a moment of levity and fun between Minnesota’s head coach and quarterback, the Vikings still have a lot of improvement to do moving forward. For their sake, and their fans’ sake, it’s good they got a win, but Zimmer, Cousins and the Vikings need to start winning more regularly.

So far, Minnesota is 2-3 on the season, with losses to the Bengals, Cardinals, and Browns. The Vikings currently have wins over the Seahawks and now the Lions. This is a team that is third in the NFC North and hasn’t looked all that consistent this year. Hey, but maybe odd, emotional moments can help them improve? It likely can’t hurt their chances of winning.

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