Montblanc and Ferrari Celebrate the Spirit of Enzo Ferrari

Montblanc and Ferrari Celebrate the Spirit of Enzo Ferrari

montblanc great characters enzo ferrari editionImage: Montblanc

Montblanc has launched the Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Edition, which pays tribute to the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari.

Enzo was a racing driver who would become an entrepreneur and founder of the Scuderia Ferrari, which eventually evolved into the Ferrari automobile company that we all know today.

Montblanc and Ferrari both share the same ethos which is the passion for craftsmanship and innovation. With that passion, Montblanc created three different writing instrument editions that tell the story of Enzo’s life and work. 

Ferrari racing cars are more decorated than any other marque, having participated in every Formula One World Championship since its inception. To date, its Scuderia Ferrari team is also the most successful team in the Formula One racing competition. 

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition 

Mont Blanc Great Characters enzo ferrari special editionImage: Montblanc

The design details of the special edition writing instruments evoke the achievements and character of Enzo Ferrari. The colour of the precious resin of the cap and barrel is inspired by the Ferrari’s signature red called the “Rosso 70 Anni”. The cone is engraved with two dates, one of which is the birth of Enzo Ferrari, and the other, his first victory on a race track. 

The Montblanc emblem at the top of the pen in yellow resin represents the colour of the city of Modena. Finally, the ring on the cap features an engraving saying “OFFICINA MECCANICA ALFREDO FERRARI”, a reference to Enzo Ferrari’s father’s workshop and birthplace. 

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898

montblanc enzo ferrari limited edition 1898Image: Montblanc

1898 not only marks the year of Enzo Ferrari’s birth but also represents the number of pieces the Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898 pen has in stock. The pen features a cap and barrel made from metal that is inspired by the surface of the original Ferrari 125 S engine. The cone also has dates engraved on it. And it references the production of Enzo Ferrari’s first car at his Maranello factory, as well as the date of the first-ever victory for a Ferrari-branded car. 

As a testament to the importance of Maranello, the ring on the cap top is embossed with the address of the factory. The nib is made of 18-carat solid gold and is also rhodium-coated. The pen is embellished with a Ferrari 250 GTO wheel, one of the most famous Ferrari cars, as well as the word “Commentadore” — a nickname for Enzo Ferrari.

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 98

In paying homage to Cavallino Rampante, this edition is limited to 98 pieces. The Prancing Horse was bestowed as a personal emblem to Enzo Ferrari 98 years ago. The cap and barrel for this instrument are airbrush-lacquered by hand in the official racing colour of “Rosso Corsa” — a shade of red that international motor racing teams from Italy common used.

The cap is decorated with the number 29 to represent the year Scuderia Ferrari was founded, as well as an engraving with the words, “I am one who dreamt to be Enzo Ferrari” in Italian. 

The shape of early Ferrari racing cars is reflected in the dynamic design of the clip. It is also decorated with Enzo Ferrari’s motto “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it”. The base of the clip is lacquered in the same “Rosso Corsa” red shade. Around the base are six lines to each side that represent a Ferrari V12 engine.

With this new edition, Montblanc celebrates the unrelenting passion that drove Enzo Ferrari to create one of the greatest brands in the world associated with prestige and victory. 

The Montblanc Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Edition is available from November at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. For more information, visit Montblanc’s website here.

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