Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

In this Motorola Edge 20 Pro review, we see if the well-rounded package can take on more aggressive spec sheets from Chinese competitors.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro review: on the verge of success

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Motorola has had a second round in its relatively new Edge series with a number of well-received phones in both the mid-range and premium segments. with reasonable specs, close Android, and a good overall score to grab a spot in the midst of the extensive competition. The Motorola Edge 20 Pro promises an affordable flagship experience with high-end imaging features and a clean software build wrapped in a classic design.

With the competition putting your Agame in this category, it takes more than hardware to outperform Nickname

What You Need to Know About the Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Motorola Edge 20 Pro (8GB RAM / 128GB): Rs. 36,999 (~ $ 500)
Motorola Edge 20 Pro (12 GB RAM / 256 GB): £ 649 / € 699
The Motorola Edge 20 Pro is the company’s affordable flagship that uses the second-class Snapdragon 870 chipset, to lower the price. . The phone is available in different configurations depending on the market. In India, you can choose from two colours, Iridescent White and Midnight Blue, both of which come in a single SKU with 128GB of storage.

The phone is also available in a blue vegan leather option in the UK and the rest of Europe. The only SKU marketed in the UK and the rest of Europe has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Indian variant with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

The phone is on the confusingly called Motorola line. The company’s phones will be branded Edge in the US, while Europe and India will receive the Edge 20 series, with the Motorola Edge 20 Pro at the top. Distance.

The price of the phone is everywhere as the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is a mid-range competitor in India while tackling many more premium phones in Europe and the UK. The most obvious competitors for the phone include the OnePlus 9R and Samsung Galaxy A52s in India. I like that.

The back of Gorilla Glass 5 curves gently to match the curve of your palm. On the front, you will find the same quality glass for adequate protection. The colour of the phone really stood out to me, with a subtle pattern that can also be seen on previous Motorola devices and is visible indirect light. My only complaint is that the phone picks up stains pretty easily and they are pretty difficult to clean.

However, the camera lenses are not the same size and the phone tends to shake when placed on a table.

Motorola made some bizarre decisions with the buttons of the Edge 20 Pro: Not only is the power button placed much further in the middle of the phone, but the volume rocker is also even louder. On the other side of the phone is a Google Assistant hotkey that sits ridiculously high, out of reach

Suffice it to say the buttons are extremely awkward to use without constantly waving your hand. The power button works like a fingerprint sensor, and you’ll find that you often adjust your hand to unlock the phone. That said, you won’t be spending too much time on the fingerprint sensor as it unlocks the phone almost instantly.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the phone is definitely bigger, in fact, I found digging the midframe into my palm quite uncomfortable, the edges are not rounded enough and combined with the large dimensions. of the phone, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is clearly not designed for one-handed operation.

Speaking of the display, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro has a 6.7-inch OLED display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which helps improve the daily user experience. With the display set to 144 Hz, even basic interactions such as scrolling through the user interface or simply switching tabs feel noticeably smoother. Motorola’s decision to go for a 144Hz panel instead of a standardized 120Hz display may be rooted in marketing, but the panel definitely helps.

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