Moving To UK From USA: How Much Will It Cost?

Moving To UK From USA: How Much Will It Cost?

Are you planning to move to the UK? The United Kingdom is a popular destination when looking for new beginnings. Its capital London is a global city with a wild array of opportunities. 

If you’re planning to move from the USA to the UK, you must consider certain things. At the top of the agenda are the costs involved in completing the relocation. Find a reliable mover to transport your belongings overseas and get the quotes. 

The truth is life in the United Kingdom is likely to differ from life in the USA, and the costs can be high. This article looks at some of the significant costs of moving from the USA to the UK. We explore everything you need to know and how much you have to budget. 

Arrange your Visa 

Before moving from USA to the UK, you must get a Visa, whose costs depend on the type of Visa and whether you applied inside or outside the country. Tier 5 Youth mobility Visa requirements include the processing fees, immigration healthcare surcharge, and required savings. Hence, you will spend close to $250 for visa application, $940 for the immigration healthcare surcharge, and have proof of $2500 in savings in your account for a month.   

The Tier 2 General visa costs when applying outside the UK are $1500, while the ancestry visa requires a $516 processing fee and $3000 to access the UK’s NHS. Sometimes a confirmed job offer is required before applying for the Visa. 

Obtaining a visa to the UK is difficult in most circumstances. The visa types, costs, and requirements have become complex with the post-Brexit transition.  

Transport Costs 

You might incur hefty travel costs when emigrating to the UK. Since it’s an island, the country has strict rules and regulations that add complexity to the logistics of your relocation. When flying abroad over this long distance, look for reliable movers. You can find online movers offering phone quotes to help you understand the total cost. 

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the flight’s cost. A one-way plane ticket to London costs about $400 per person, depending on your departure point. Factor in costs to get to the airport depending on your route to the UK. The major ports are London, Liverpool, and Southampton. Flights from the US to the UK can last six to eight hours.  

Also, keep in mind how you’ll get your belongings to the UK. Most people move with personal items, kitchen stuff, some collapsible furniture, and boxes of books. The weight of your belonging determines the price you will pay. In most cases, your total moving costs will be slightly below $3000. However, most rented flats in London come furnished, meaning you don’t have to bring all your stuff from the USA. 

If you wish to bring your car to your new home in the UK, you may have to consider the differences in driving. Compared to the USA, locals drive on the left-hand side of the road. Your driving license is an essential requirement if you wish to commute privately. You can apply for a provincial license from DVLA and pass a driving test before getting the license. You should also know the requirements of moving with your pet. For example, getting your pet microchipped before getting the rabies vaccine is mandatory. 

Find a Place to Live

Finding a place to live in the UK can be quite a hassle. Consider factors such as the budget, number of people in the family, state of the swelling, and the neighborhood. There are different housing options for different price brackets. They range from modern apartments to warehouse spaces and classic Victorian terraced houses. Decide whether to move to a London townhouse or a rural cottage. 

If you want to live in the capital, you will stretch your wallet to fit the London prices. London and Manchester are the most expensive places to live, with an average housing price of $233,000 for a detached property. The monthly rent in Greater London is around $2200, much higher than the national average of about $1300. Buying properties in the UK come with a hefty price tag. An average house price is around $300,000, with London the most expensive city to own a house. 

Cost of Living 

UK has a lower cost of living compared to the US. For example, rent and property prices are lower in the UK, though they vary between metropolitan and small residential dwellings. Consider the cost of utilities, which are often higher than the rest of Western Europe. The amount you spend on groceries, clothes, and entertainment will largely depend on you. 

A critical aspect of your life in the UK will entail understanding the tax system. If you are moving your belonging to the UK, consider the taxes involved with the importation. Another important thing when moving to the United Kingdom is to sort out your health insurance. If you plan to enroll your children in an international school, the average tuition cost is around $23,500 a year. 

Bottom line 

Moving from the USA to the UK is a huge undertaking and an emotional rollercoaster. The entire process can be overwhelming even for a seasoned ex-pat as you deal with many things. During the relocation process, you must factor in the costs of moving, shipping, and storing your household goods. On average, you will need between $3000 and $4000 for Visa and healthcare, then $2000 to cover rent and bills. 

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