Netflix Just Announced a Million Anime Things

Netflix Just Announced a Million Anime Things

It’s been a busy day for Netflix’s anime division. Not content with releasing the first concept art of its upcoming live-action Mobile Suit Gundam movie, the streaming service has released an almost irritating amount of news about its upcoming anime projects, including the premiere date for its live-action adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Yu Yu Hakusho.

If you haven’t heard of Yu Yu Hakusho, here’s why this is a big deal.

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the main pillars of the shonen series—manga and anime targeted to young teen boys—of the weekly comics anthology Shonen Jump alongside Dragon Ball Z, NarutoOne PieceBleach, and more. Now, Netflix has already announced a live-action One Piece adaptation, and has the rights to the Japanese live-action Bleach movie made in 2018. The streaming service clearly has a powerful relationship with Shonen Jump’s publisher Shueisha, which raises the question—could a live-action Naruto TV series be too far behind?

Comparatively, the rest of Netflix’s anime announcements are rather minor, although many anime fans should be excited that the second season of the 2011 anime Tiger & Bunny is coming in April 2022 (along with the first season).

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