New angle of Patrick Mahomes throw shows how insane he is (Video)

New angle of Patrick Mahomes throw shows how insane he is (Video)

The Kansas City Chiefs may be struggling this season, but Patrick Mahomes is still putting in an insane amount of effort.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to start getting back on track and beat the Washington Football Team 31-13. During that 18-point win, Kansas City made plenty of mistakes, but Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes was able to show some incredible feats of athleticism.

One great example of that is this particular pass that Mahomes completed while under heavy pressure from Washington’s pass rush. Kansas City’s quarterback had to dance away and elude the pass rush, spot his receiver, and connect with him while throwing across his body downfield.

Mahomes started out around midfield, dropped back, then had to scramble to avoid getting sacked, started running gradually toward the sideline and upfield, spotted a receiver cutting across the field in the opposite direction about 30 yards downfield from him, and launches the ball into the hands of his receiver just in time to again avoid getting sacked.

And of course the pass was caught.

It’s not an easy pass to make, and honestly this pass probably shouldn’t have been completed, but somehow it was.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are navigating an uncharacteristically rough season

Plays like this help demonstrate just how great of a quarterback Mahomes can be. Kansas City should feel fortunate to have a quarterback who has a unique combination of arm strength, athleticism, and ability to read the entire field.

Of course, as was demonstrated in a different play on Sunday, sometimes he tries to make too much happen and then throws horrifying interceptions.

Sometimes he should just do what he can to minimize the damage that’s being done on a play.

But still, it’s worth noting that, while the Chiefs are struggling, their quarterback is still putting in an incredible effort. Getting this sort of effort from Mahomes can put Kansas City in position to win, which is what happened on Sunday. 

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