NFL investigating Aaron Rodgers for allegedly violating COVID-19 protocol

NFL investigating Aaron Rodgers for allegedly violating COVID-19 protocol

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is being investigated by the NFL to determine whether and to what extent he violated COVID protocol.

After the bombshell news dropped that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers contracted COVID-19 while unvaccinated, the NFL is addressing the aftermath with an investigation.

The NFL has been aware that Rodgers has been unvaccinated, so the impending investigation will explore whether and to what extent he violated the specific COVID protocol for unvaccinated players. The NFL will also assess whether or not the Packers failed to discipline Rodgers in the case that he did violate protocol.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that the investigation will only result in fines for the Packers and for Rodgers, but Rodgers will not be suspended.

NFL is now investigating Aaron Rodgers, Packers for violating COVID protocol

The reason for the NFL investigation is because it is believed that Rodgers likely violated unvaccinated protocol, and it seems the Packers haven’t penalized him accordingly.

As Glazer reported, Rodgers informed the NFL and NFLPA of his process of “immunization”, which the league clarified did not exempt him from being treated like an unvaccinated player.

At this point, the league will begin their investigation by interviewing Rodgers and Packer personnel to determine whether or not violations were committed.

Rodgers never publicly claimed he was vaccinated, saying he was “immunized” and felt the vaccine was a personal decision. Reporters took the immunization to mean vaccinated, which is why Rodgers has avoided criticism for being unvaccinated.

Rodgers is reportedly “furious” that his vaccination status has become public.

While COVID vaccines are not mandated by the NFL, abiding by their strict rules and regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus is absolutely required. Rodgers may be furious, but his vaccination status could contribute to fellow teammates, opponents and Packer personnel contracting the coronavirus unknowingly.

As the NFL investigation continues, Rodgers is expected to return Nov. 13 after a 10-day quarantine. In Week 9, Jordan Love will be replacing him at quarterback against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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