NFL power rankings, Week 10: Titans rise, Bengals fall

NFL power rankings, Week 10: Titans rise, Bengals fall

On Sunday, the Tennessee Titans staked their claim as the AFC’s best, while the Cincinnati Bengals continued their tumble down the NFL power rankings.


Detroit Lions

The Lions didn’t lose this week!


Houston Texans

1-8 LW: 31 Houston Texans

The Texans, however, did lose this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-6 LW: 30 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars played the Bills, didn’t score a touchdown and won. Wild times.


Miami Dolphins

2-7 LW: 29 Miami Dolphins

Miami is hilariously atrocious, but somehow found an opponent more hilariously atrocious.


Washington Football Team

2-6 LW: 27 Washington Football Team

The bye week is a wonderful thing for pitiful teams.


New York Jets

Mike White got hurt, the defense didn’t show up, and the Jets are 2-6.


Chicago Bears

Chicago should put out an all-points bulletin for its offense.


New York Giants

3-6 LW: 28 New York Giants

The Giants needed a ton of turnovers and fortune, but they beat the Raiders. Nice win.


Philadelphia Eagles

3-6 LW: 22 Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts was good and the run game was excellent, but the Eagles can’t force an incompletion.


Seattle Seahawks

3-5 LW: 23 Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson coming back? The Seahawks could be primed for a run.


Atlanta Falcons

4-4 LW: 24 Atlanta Falcons

That was the most Falcons game ever, except they actually won.


Minnesota Vikings

3-5 LW: 20 Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer should be fired yesterday for allowing the offense to be coached like it’s 1972.


Carolina Panthers

4-5 LW: 19 Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold is hideous. We owe apologies to Adam Gase.


San Francisco 49ers

3-5 LW: 17 San Francisco 49ers

Is Kyle Shanahan truly a good coach? Yikes.


Denver Broncos

5-4 LW: 21 Denver Broncos

Shocking win for Denver, and kudos for doing it after trading Von Miller. The Broncos came up big.


Indianapolis Colts

4-5 LW: 18 Indianapolis Colts

Indy is the AFC answer to Minnesota. You have no idea what’s happening every week.


Cincinnati Bengals

5-4 LW: 13 Cincinnati Bengals

Two weeks ago, the Bengals were the AFC’s top seed. Now they’re 10th.


Cleveland Browns

5-4 LW: 16 Cleveland Browns

Huge win for the Browns, who reestablished as a playoff threat. Now to New England.


Pittsburgh Steelers

5-3 LW: 15 Pittsburgh Steelers

With Detroit next, the Steelers likely get to 6-3. But can the offense do enough to reach the postseason?


New England Patriots

5-4 LW: 14 New England Patriots

New England is hanging around behind an excellent defense, and is a half-game back in the AFC East.


New Orleans Saints

5-3 LW: 10 New Orleans Saints

The Saints mounted a furious comeback against Atlanta, but fell just short.


Las Vegas Raiders

5-3 LW: 9 Las Vegas Raiders

If you lose to the Giants, your fall a few spots. Massive game against Kansas City next.


Kansas City Chiefs

5-4 LW: 12 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been so bad offensively, but suddenly quite good defensively. Like we all thought.


Los Angeles Chargers

5-3 LW: 11 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have to fix their defense and special teams, but Justin Herbert is great.


Buffalo Bills

Brutal, brutal loss for the Bills. The offensive line is a mess.


Baltimore Ravens

6-2 LW: 8 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens play every game to the wire. They’re good, but that’s eventually going to bite them.


Dallas Cowboys

What the hell was that?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6-2 LW: 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs had a bye week and saw a litany of top NFC contenders lose.


Green Bay Packers

7-2 LW: 2 Green Bay Packers

Green Bay’s defense showed up, but Jordan Love looked rough in his first start.


Los Angeles Rams

7-2 LW: 1 Los Angeles Rams

Bizarre game, but the Rams essentially beat themselves with turnovers. Won’t happen often.


Tennessee Titans

7-2 LW: 6 Tennessee Titans

The Titans have knocked off Matthew Stafford, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Russell Wilson.


Arizona Cardinals

8-1 LW: 4 Arizona Cardinals

A blowout win on the road without Kyler Murray or DeAndre Hopkins? Arizona is the league’s best.

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