NFL power rankings, Week 12: Chiefs rise, Bills fall

NFL power rankings, Week 12: Chiefs rise, Bills fall

As we approach Thanksgiving, the Kansas City Chiefs are heating up while the Buffalo Bills wonder what went wrong on Sunday afternoon.


Detroit Lions

0-9-1 LW: 32 Detroit Lions

They better beat the Bears on Thanksgiving, or it could be another winless year.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-8 LW: 30 Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer is looking at the Florida job like an ice cream cone.


New York Jets

Is Robert Saleh going to be one-and-done? This is brutal.


Houston Texans

2-8 LW: 31 Houston Texans

The Texans forced five turnovers and beat the Titans in Tennessee. Well done.


New York Giants

3-7 LW: 28 New York Giants

It’s another long year for Big Blue. Just can’t get it figured out.


Chicago Bears

Matt Nagy should have been fired on the field after losing to the Ravens.


Seattle Seahawks

3-7 LW: 24 Seattle Seahawks

This might have signaled the end of an era with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll.


Atlanta Falcons

4-6 LW: 23 Atlanta Falcons

What a pathetic, embarrassing performance for a second straight week.


Miami Dolphins

4-7 LW: 27 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have quietly won three straight and aren’t dead yet.


Washington Football Team

4-6 LW: 25 Washington Football Team

Huge wins against the Buccaneers and Panthers in consecutive weeks. Washington is alive.


Denver Broncos

5-5 LW: 22 Denver Broncos

The Broncos come out of the bye to host the Chargers. A must-win for their playoff hopes.


Carolina Panthers

5-6 LW: 18 Carolina Panthers

Carolina had a chance to really make a move in the NFC playoff picture but fell flat.


Cleveland Browns

6-5 LW: 20 Cleveland Browns

The Browns won, but it was another ugly performance against the Lions.


Pittsburgh Steelers

5-4-1 LW: 17 Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh somehow scored 37 points, and even crazier, managed to lose the game.


New Orleans Saints

5-5 LW: 13 New Orleans Saints

The Saints are injured and hopeless on offense. Trevor Siemian needs to sit down.


Philadelphia Eagles

5-6 LW: 21 Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia has a really nice shot at the playoffs. No team has an easier remaining schedule.


Las Vegas Raiders

5-5 LW: 12 Las Vegas Raiders

It’s over.


Minnesota Vikings

5-5 LW: 19 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have found new life, and a huge game looms against the Niners.


San Francisco 49ers

5-5 LW: 16 San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco is playing much better. A win this weekend against Minnesota would be huge.


Cincinnati Bengals

6-4 LW: 14 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals came out of their bye and crushed the Raiders. Now, Pittsburgh at home.


Indianapolis Colts

6-5 LW: 15 Indianapolis Colts

Nobody was more impressive on Sunday than the Colts. Great, great win in Buffalo.


Los Angeles Chargers

6-4 LW: 11 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are bizarre, but they’re also 6-4 and still fighting for the AFC West.


Buffalo Bills

The Bills have to figure out their defensive line. No pressure, no push, no chance.


Baltimore Ravens

7-3 LW: 9 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens won without Lamar Jackson. No matter how ugly, that’s beautiful.


New England Patriots

7-4 LW: 10 New England Patriots

The hottest team in the AFC, but are they Super Bowl contenders?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

7-3 LW: 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers finally got off their snide against the Giants. A much-needed win.


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys needed more from Dak Prescott on Sunday. Quick holiday turnaround.


Los Angeles Rams

7-3 LW: 5 Los Angeles Rams

Big opportunity this week to beat a wounded Packers team at Lambeau Field.


Kansas City Chiefs

7-4 LW: 7 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are suddenly a defensive-first team, and that’s terrifying considering the offense.


Green Bay Packers

8-3 LW: 2 Green Bay Packers

Nevermind losing to the Vikings, the Packers’ injuries are becoming overwhelming.


Tennessee Titans

8-3 LW: 1 Tennessee Titans

What the hell happened? Rough loss, and now off to Foxboro for a gut-check.


Arizona Cardinals

9-2 LW: 3 Arizona Cardinals

No Kyler Murray or DeAndre Hopkins? No problem, says football’s best team.

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