NFL power rankings, Week 13: Patriots rise, Cowboys fall

NFL power rankings, Week 13: Patriots rise, Cowboys fall

Looking at our NFL power rankings, the Dallas Cowboys are falling after another loss, while the New England Patriots won their sixth straight game.


Detroit Lions

0-10-1 LW: 32 Detroit Lions

Everything from the offense to the coaching decisions are just the height of embarrassment.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-9 LW: 31 Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer is frantically hoping for a phone call from Oklahoma.


Houston Texans

2-9 LW: 29 Houston Texans

You lose at home to the Jets, you became a candidate for contraction.


New York Jets

The Jets won! Sure, it’s the Texans, but the Jets won!


Seattle Seahawks

3-8 LW: 26 Seattle Seahawks

It’s over, over. Wow.


Chicago Bears

The Bears are moving back despite winning. What a pathetic showing.


New York Giants

4-7 LW: 28 New York Giants

New York only scored 13 points despite being +4 in turnovers, but it got the job done.


Carolina Panthers

5-7 LW: 21 Carolina Panthers

It’s all kinds of over for Cam Newton.


Atlanta Falcons

5-6 LW: 25 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are somehow on the edge of the playoff picture.


Pittsburgh Steelers

5-5-1 LW: 19 Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s time to move on from Ben Roethlisberger, the offensive philosophy and more.


New Orleans Saints

5-6 LW: 18 New Orleans Saints

The Saints have no offense and no chance with this current group.


Cleveland Browns

6-6 LW: 20 Cleveland Browns

Cleveland. had every opportunity to win Sunday night, but couldn’t get it done.


Miami Dolphins

5-7 LW: 24 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are 5-7 and get the Giants and Jets over the next two weeks.


Philadelphia Eagles

5-7 LW: 17 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had a huge opportunity to get into the playoff picture, and blew it.


Washington Football Team

5-6 LW: 23 Washington Football Team

Suddenly, Washington is alive and fairly well in the playoff chase.


Denver Broncos

6-5 LW: 22 Denver Broncos

Denver found a huge win after the bye and now gets a chance at first place against the Chiefs.


Minnesota Vikings

5-5 LW: 15 Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins and the offense played well, but the defense cost Minnesota dearly.


Los Angeles Chargers

6-5 LW: 11 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers aren’t a championship team. A fun one, but not a great one.


Indianapolis Colts

6-6 LW: 12 Indianapolis Colts

Indy will be kicking itself. The Colts could have beaten the Bucs, but fell short.


Las Vegas Raiders

6-5 LW: 16 Las Vegas Raiders

A massive win on Thanksgiving has the Raiders back in the playoff hunt.


San Francisco 49ers

5-5 LW: 14 San Francisco 49ers

By beating the Vikings, San Francisco is in prime position to make the playoffs.


Cincinnati Bengals

7-4 LW: 13 Cincinnati Bengals

Changing of the guard in the AFC North? Yes.


Dallas Cowboys

Losers of three in their last four, the Cowboys are starting to have concerns.


Los Angeles Rams

7-4 LW: 5 Los Angeles Rams

See above, but just make it three straight. The Rams haven’t won in a month.


Tennessee Titans

8-4 LW: 2 Tennessee Titans

Tennessee could have put yours truly on offense and not noticed a difference. Too many injuries.


Buffalo Bills

The Bills won on Thanksgiving, but losing Tre’Davious White is crushing.


Baltimore Ravens

8-3 LW: 9 Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore is winning some U-G-L-Y games, but continues to find ways.


New England Patriots

8-4 LW: 8 New England Patriots

Six straight wins and looking like a real problem come January in the AFC.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8-3 LW: 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The injuries keep coming, but so do the wins. Nice victory on a short week.


Kansas City Chiefs

7-4 LW: 4 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are hot, and the AFC is ripe. Kansas City could be poised for a big run.


Green Bay Packers

9-3 LW: 3 Green Bay Packers

Despite all the injuries and controversies, this is the best team when right.


Arizona Cardinals

9-2 LW: 1 Arizona Cardinals

The record, and underlying stats, speak for themselves.

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