NFL power rankings, Week 14: Steelers rise, 49ers fall

NFL power rankings, Week 14: Steelers rise, 49ers fall

As the contenders and pretenders start separating, we look at the NFL power rankings going into Week 14 with an idea of the playoff pictures.


Detroit Lions

1-10-1 LW: 32 Detroit Lions

Genuinely happy for the Lions. What a moment for the young team.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-10 LW: 31 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are a total disaster. Just comical.


Houston Texans

2-10 LW: 30 Houston Texans

Houston can’t throw, can’t run or play defense. Otherwise things are great.


New York Jets

Robert Saleh really used to coach good defenses. Long time ago.


Chicago Bears

If the Bears fired Matt Nagy and cut Andy Dalton yesterday, it wouldn’t be soon enough.


New York Giants

4-8 LW: 26 New York Giants

Tons of injuries, no coaching and hideous quarterback play. Good times.


Seattle Seahawks

4-8 LW: 28 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks managed to pull the upset over the Niners, impacting the playoff picture.


Carolina Panthers

5-7 LW: 25 Carolina Panthers

Carolina is somehow in the playoff picture despite being objectively terrible.


Atlanta Falcons

5-7 LW: 24 Atlanta Falcons

See above.


New Orleans Saints

5-7 LW: 22 New Orleans Saints

See above again, with the caveat they’re all kinds of injured.


Minnesota Vikings

5-7 LW: 16 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings’ fans deserve better. Just a total mess of an operation from the top down.


Cleveland Browns

6-6 LW: 21 Cleveland Browns

Coming off the bye, it’s a home game against Baltimore. Now or never.


Miami Dolphins

6-7 LW: 20 Miami Dolphins

Miami has won five straight and has the Jets next. This is one hell of a turnaround.


Denver Broncos

6-6 LW: 17 Denver Broncos

Denver’s defense was terrific in Kansas City, but the offense was a horror show.


Pittsburgh Steelers

6-5-1 LW: 23 Pittsburgh Steelers

A quick turnaround on Thursday in Minnesota, but a huge win that keeps hope alive.


Philadelphia Eagles

6-7 LW: 19 Philadelphia Eagles

Gardner Minshew sliced up the Jets, and the Eagles are back in the hunt.


Las Vegas Raiders

6-6 LW: 13 Las Vegas Raiders

Can’t be a playoff contender in the AFC and lose to Washington at home. Now, Arrowhead.


Washington Football Team

6-6 LW: 18 Washington Football Team

At 6-6, it suddenly feels like Washington is going to comfortably make the playoffs.


San Francisco 49ers

6-6 LW: 12 San Francisco 49ers

Horrid loss for San Francisco, although the standings still favor it getting to the postseason.


Indianapolis Colts

7-6 LW: 14 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts basically had a bye on Sunday that comes with a free victory.


Cincinnati Bengals

7-5 LW: 11 Cincinnati Bengals

Tough day for the Bengals, who beat themselves with turnovers and poor defense.


Buffalo Bills

And with that loss, the Bills are in real danger of missing the playoffs.


Los Angeles Chargers

7-5 LW: 15 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers get a huge win in Cincy, and they’re right in the mix for the AFC West title.


Dallas Cowboys

8-4 LW: 10 Dallas Cowboys

Dallas gets the win on Thursday, and is in firm control of the NFC East.


Los Angeles Rams

8-4 LW: 9 Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles crushed the Jaguars, now can it beat the teams that matter? Arizona on Sunday.


Tennessee Titans

8-4 LW: 8 Tennessee Titans

If the Titans can get healthy, they’re a Super Bowl contender … but that’s a huge if.


Baltimore Ravens

8-4 LW: 6 Baltimore Ravens

A loss in Pittsburgh and now Marlon Humphrey is out for the season. Very tough weekend.


New England Patriots

9-4 LW: 5 New England Patriots

The Patriots beat the Bills without a quarterback. That’s just unbelievable.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9-3 LW: 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nice, easy win in Atlanta. The Bucs have a test this weekend with the Bills coming in.


Kansas City Chiefs

8-4 LW: 3 Kansas City Chiefs

The offense is struggling, but suddenly the Chiefs’ defense is absolutely rolling.


Green Bay Packers

9-3 LW: 2 Green Bay Packers

Arguably the best team in football, and they get the Bears at home off its bye. Amazing.


Arizona Cardinals

10-2 LW: 1 Arizona Cardinals

Nobody is playing better all-around football than the Cardinals.

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