Normalcy in New York, until Putin Nukes Us

Normalcy in New York, until Putin Nukes Us

‘The science’ has suddenly changed, so kids can go unmasked. And war in Ukraine has distracted us.


itching the Covid masks at school and starting 1950s-style air-raid drills wasn’t my idea of a return to normalcy, but I suppose I’ll take it. As Russia goes to its version of Defcon 1, Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that the science has suddenly changed, the CDC guidelines have suddenly changed, and indeed toddlers can now be unmasked in New York, where the Omicron wave ended over a month ago. No more take-home Covid tests, here come the iodine tablets.

New York can finally go back to being vaguely bad for your health, which it should be. New York City mayor …

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