Panthers screwed over by refs on first drive of the game (Video)

Panthers screwed over by refs on first drive of the game (Video)

Somehow, the refs missed a clear and obvious pass interference call in favor of the Panthers on Thursday Night Football.

If you think the NFL refs have been missing more calls than usual thus far this season, trust us when we say you’re not alone with that thought.

On the first drive of the game, Sam Darnold tried hooking up with stud receiver D.J. Moore. However, a Houston Texans defensive back was literally all over him. Yet, no flag was thrown. Unreal.

Panthers fans should be furious the refs already blew a call early on against Houston

How was this not called? Vernon Hargreaves III had his body on top of Moore, preventing him from even being able to attack the ball. While there were millions of us at home who thought it was a penalty, the folks in stripes on the field thought otherwise.

Carolina supporters can only hope that the calls get a little better the rest of the game. The last thing anyone wants to see is another blown call having an impact on this showdown late in the action.

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