Paul Allen has not one, but two depressing radio calls against the Cardinals

Paul Allen has not one, but two depressing radio calls against the Cardinals

Minnesota Vikings play-by-play announcer Paul Allen has been around for his share of heartbreaking Vikings mishaps that cost them the game. 

For anyone listening to the Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals game over KFAN FM in Minneapolis, they would have believed for a split second that the Vikings came out with the win. That’s because veteran Vikings play-by-play announcer Paul Allen proclaimed that Vikings kicker Greg Joseph made a game-winning field goal. He did not.

“High snap, put down, Joseph, come on!” Allen begged as the kick swayed to the right and missed the goalposts. “It is … gooood!” Allen continued as referees waved it away as a miss. “No he missed it,” Allen quickly added, his tone changing completely.

“Are you kidding me? He missed it right,” Allen states, his tone a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.

Minnesota announcer Paul Allen has two depressing radio calls for Vikings losses

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the animated announcer has made headlines with passionate play-by-play announcing. In 2003, Allen watched as the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Minnesota Vikings, knocking them out of the playoffs that year. Allen then made what considers the greatest call of all time.

Cardinals quarterback Josh McCown connected with wide receiver Nate Poole in an unbelievable end zone catch in double coverage. Allen, too, was in disbelief.

“Here it is, the season’s on the line!” Allen began as the Cardinals lined up behind the the line of scrimmage. Allen described how McCown was “all by himself” as he looked for a wideout, then how Poole caught the pass for a touchdown.

“NOOOOOOO! NO!” Allen screamed in agony as his team lost. “The Cardinals have knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs!”

Allen is also famous for criticizing Brett Favre’s 2009 interception that ultimately helped the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, as well as for coining the “Minneapolis Miracle” phrase when the Vikings beat the Saints in the 2018 NFL Playoffs.

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