Photo: Samantha shares the first look of ethereal Shaakuntalam

Photo: Samantha shares the first look of ethereal Shaakuntalam

Actor Samantha has shared the first look of her upcoming movie, Shaakuntalam which is based on the evergreen Indian legend of Shakuntala. In the picture, Samantha can be seen in a gorgeous white outfit that is embroidered with blood-red flowers. The outfits for the film have been designed by ace costume designer, Neeta Lulla. In an interview with Filmfare last year, Samantha had opened up about Shaakuntalam.

“I have always liked choosing films that are completely different from my previous work. Shakuntalam is the extreme opposite, the other side of the spectrum from Raji. Every shot is perfect, every frame is a painting. I had to look the most beautiful that I’ve ever looked! So that pressure was there. It was fascinating. I’ve always been obsessed with mythology, period dramas, and this princess world. I really loved my dream role with Shaakuntalam. I’ve been a Disney fan all my life and Shaakuntalam is everything I could have wished for. In some shots, I can’t believe that’s me… actually, in a lot of shots I can’t believe it’s me! The team has done such a fantastic job from production design, costumes, lighting, and makeup. I just had to show up,” she had told Filmfare in an exclusive conversation last year.

Shakuntalam Poster.

Samantha in Shakuntalam Poster.

“I did work on my physicality a lot for this film, I think although the original Shakuntala didn’t really have six-pack abs but I did work a lot on my physicality because there were a lot of beautiful clothes that were being put on me and I wanted to be the perfect mannequin for them. I worked on myself to make sure those clothes looked good on me. So I wasn’t concentrating on sucking in my stomach and delivering my dialogue. That was the main focus – that I looked comfortable in those clothes. It often happens, when you show your midriff, you suck your stomach in and deliver your dialogue and that looks extremely awkward on-screen. I didn’t want that to happen. Once I went there, I dived right into the fairytale,” she had added.

Allu Arjun’s daughter, Allu Arha is also making her big-screen debut with Shaakuntalam.

“She was born to be a rockstar. Anything I say will just be an understatement of what that little girl has done. She was confident of herself despite there being 200-300 people on the set. She got her takes right on the first go. She speaks Telugu just so amazingly. She was born to be a superstar and I’m so happy that she made her debut with me because, many years down the line, she is going to rock this industry. Once you see the film, you’ll completely agree with me,” Samantha had told us earlier.

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